Care Coordination solutions

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The Care Coordination solutions that combine Dynamics 365, Office 365, Power BI and Azure Cloud Platforms, enable you to manage and connect health care providers, communicate with patients, and more. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Healthcare Training you can learn how to use Microsoft Care Coordination to monitor your patients' progression more effectively and in easier ways. Microsoft Office 365 for Healthcare Training and Coordinated Care solutions improve the quality of patient care services and reduce costs through workflow automation and optimization.

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Care Coordination Solution Benefits

Engage Patients and Customers

Microsoft Power BI for Healthcare Training allows you to learn how health care teams and care coordinators to work together to construct better patient relationships. Customized Microsoft O365 Healthcare Training by Dynamics Edge teaches you how to do this through self-service portals, multi-channel communications, and interactive call centers.

Microsoft Azure for Healthcare Training Empowers Employees and Health Care Teams

Give care teams and managers Microsoft D365 healthcare training with Dynamics Edge in order to empower them with the skills to use measurement frameworks, automated workflows, and business processes and flows that streamline health care services and overall care.

Increase Clinical and Operational Effectiveness

Use what you'll learn in Dynamics Edge's customized Microsoft Power BI Healthcare training to utilize analytics to harness patient and operational data and start optimizing operations. You can inform delivery decisions and patient care coordination while improving population health management.

Revolutionize Healthcare with Microsoft Care Collaboration Solutions

Improve the coordination of patient care services by business process tools and streamlined collaboration. In this way you can enable health care teams to more thoroughly understand patient needs and desires.

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