Dynamics Edge offers Microsoft Physical Safety and Security Solutions and Training with Customized Microsoft Campus Solutions Training.

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Custom Power BI Predictive Analytics Training for Education with Dynamics Edge helps you know how to improve learning outcomes with predictive analytics and deep learning.
Ever wonder what happens if you could identify students needing additional support proactively? That would be a useful thing to do! After identifying these students, ever wish you could help them resolve critical education challenges? Custom Power BI for Education Training with Dynamics Edge helps you get the skills to do just that!

Use Dynamics Edge's Tailored Microsoft Campus Solutions Training Courses to get the know-how you need to start enhancing your educational insitution's overall performance across the board.
Custom Power BI Training for Education with Dynamics Edge helps you understand how to consolidate multiple data streams. Learn how to associate key data with your high level strategic plan in real time - do all this and much more using Microsoft Campus Solutions, and get the know-how to do it with Dynamics Edge's custom Microsoft Campus Solutions Training, Consulting, Support, Licensing, and more!

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