The Custom Microsoft Azure POP Retail Execution solutions and training by Dynamics Edge, official trusted Microsoft Partner, help boost your retail productivity. Click here to request more info.

Microsoft Azure POP Retail Execution Training

Our Dynamics Edge Custom Microsoft Azure IoT solution accelerators training modules each provide your marketing and sales teams with a unique, unified platform that supports and enhances merchandising and field sales. Be much more productive and almost always win where it matters at the point-of-purchase and point-of-sale. Start
getting key insights for custom tailored upsell, cross-sell and processing of orders. Get very easy access to things like planograms as well as key merchandise plans and projections. Understand best practices for global sales orchestration and real time action steps. Start saving a lot of time using advanced route planning and automated workflows for retail execution. Begin preparing new unified views of all enterprise resources and implement features, users and solutions easily, quickly and in a streamlined efficient way. You can ensure ROI utilizing efficient merchandising-compliance audits and start making informed compliance audits (such as and including visual shelf audits as well as other compliance audits). Do all of this whilst collecting a more comprehensive set of competitive insights using deep data analysis for operational excellence and streamlined winning. When you start getting to work quickly with on-site access anywhere and anytime, that's how you improve sales effectiveness and productivity through enabling deep mobility for smart execution. Start working much more seamlessly with any kind of device though the right workflows, collaboration resources and insights. Support offline capabilities for maximum work effectiveness. Do all this and more with the Azure POP Retail Execution Solution - call Dynamics Edge for more info on how to get started!

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