Dynamics Edge is offering Microsoft Azure DevOps Training Classes and Azure DevOps REST API Training that is specifically designed for your Development Operations Automation needs in mind.

Custom Microsoft Azure DevOps Engineer Certification Training Courses by Dynamics Edge empower you to understand how Microsoft rebranded Visual Studio Team Service (VSTS) to fit under the Azure DevOps banner. As you may know, VSTS, which is an extension of Visual Studio is the primary integrated development environment (IDE) from Microsoft. This IDE empowers developers, testers and architects to develop, test and design software together in a collaborative way!

Our Microsoft Azure DevOps Engineer Training helps you know that when we teach you Azure DevOps, we're doing much more than saying that Azure DevOps is a simple re-branding of our previous Microsoft Visual Studio Team Service (VSTS) Training. VSTS is a product that as of 2018 is over 10 years old. VSTS was primarily made to initially attract enterprise development teams who were constructing Windows applications that were complicated. Microsoft VSTS had all the initial components from automated testing to source code control, all of this was designed to deliver an integrated and unified experience of application lifecycle management (ALM) with Microsoft technologies. Our new, custom Azure DevOps Training covers much more than or VSTS Training did.

With Microsoft Azure DevOps API Training, Microsoft integrates Azure with Github. Do you remember Team Foundation Services, which was the original SCM (Source Control Management tool) available in VSTS? Github is slowly replacing Team Foundation Services. Microsoft is doing everything to ensure that developers, operators and testers get the best possible experience in taking the source code of Github repositories all the way to the end goal deployment target, which are the Microsoft Azure Compute services delivered through virtual machines, containers, containerized apps through tools like Docker as well as much more!

We also offer Xamarin, Github, VS Code training and more, to help you understand that Microsoft has some of the best toolchains out there for the development and deployment of both open source projects and private projects or code repositories.

Microsoft has four different compute services – platform as a service (PaaS), virtual machines or infrastructure as a service (IaaS), functions or functions as a service (FaaS) and containers or containers as a service (CaaS). Azure DevOps is related to application deployment as one of these compute services. Operators as well as developers that are utilizing Microsoft Azure DevOps also are making use of the Azure Storage and Compute services, in a way. Microsoft Azure DevOps Services such as Azure App Service, Azure VMs, Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure Container Registry, Azure Service Fabric and more, are using these products in a unified way.

Microsoft released Azure DevOps to deliver the best Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment and Continuous Development experiences for Github projects. Azure is making Visual Studio much more open source through Azure DevOps, and Dynamics Edge's custom Azure Training can help you understand how to make the most of it.

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