Dynamics Edge offers Azure Federal Government Training including custom support for the Microsoft Azure Citizen Services solutions (as well as custom education and practice modules). The Custom Microsoft Azure for Government Training modules by Dynamics Edge instruct you on the Citizen Services solution, which as you may be aware of, does give citizens very premium quality methods to engage with federal, state, local governments and other governmental entities.

Mobile apps with built-in location services improve how services and announcements are delivered from the government, and also make it easier for citizens to report issues to the right departmental unit to queue for possible resolution. The timely and immediate dispatching of the right service technicians who are equipped with all the relevant information necessary for resolving problems, is essential to a streamlined public service insititution.

A territory's citizens can become empowered to track the statuses of their incidents whilst the government leverages all of the power inherent in the Microsoft Windows Azure cloud and analytics to conduct audits, service analyses, receive automated email or other kinds of alerts, and much more.

Right now you can click here and then fill out and submit the request form that opens up, to begin the process of customizing a Microsoft Azure Training for Federal Government to see how you can take advantage of what Azure can do for you and your governmental organization.

Microsoft Windows Azure Citizen Services Training Solutions for Federal Government

Benefits of Microsoft Azure Training for Government customized with Dynamics Edge include:

This Azure Training for Federal Government solution Citizen Services, gives citizens multi-channel on-demand access to freely available public information while equipping staff and government employees with efficiently designed tools, insights and advanced analytics and information to improve public service components.

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