Earning the Microsoft 365 Fundamentals Certification badge is your acclaim to prove to the world by passing Exam MS-900 Microsoft 365 Fundamentals that you know the basics of the Microsoft 365 product suite. Dynamics Edge has the course for you to help you prepare for earning this badge.

Modern Workplace Microsoft 365 Fundamentals Badge Path Fundamentals Exam MS-900 / Course MS-900T01

In order to help you prepare for Exam MS-900 and help you earn the Microsoft 365 Fundamentals badge, you should take the following Dynamics Edge course:
Dynamics Edge Course 900900 (MS-900 / MS-900T01) Microsoft 365 Fundamentals - use this link for more details on this course!

When you become a Microsoft Certified Microsoft 365 Fundamentals that has earned this Modern Workplace Fundamentals badge, you prove to the world that you understand the various options available in Microsoft 365 and the many benefits of adopting Microsoft cloud services, the Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud model, and also, implementing Microsoft 365 cloud services.

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