The motto is "Protect, Detect, Respond." You need to know how Microsoft 365 empowers your cybersecurity.
So how do you start learning?
It's really simple - here's your next mission.

Your next mission is to click here, then fill out and submit the request form to start customizing a Microsoft 365 Cybersecurity Reference Architecture Training Course with Dynamics Edge.

With Dynamics Edge's custom Microsoft cybersecurity reference architecture training, you can learn about operational and cyber security approaches using Microsoft 365 in a cloud-first and mobile-first planet. Learn how to protect your most valuable assets with great defenses that block malicious software and prevent unauthorized access. All of these safeguards are critical to denying entry to would-be attackers who might steal your valuable information or intellectual property. Our customized Microsoft cybersecurity architecture training also helps you assess your Active Directory security posture and then reduce support costs by mitigating operational and configuration security issues before they affect your business in a significant way. Our Microsoft Cybersecurity Training can also be customized to present you with options for offline Assessments related to Active Directory Services. All of this introduces security by providing your administrators with protected workstations. Monitor your important environments for new or repeated security events and ensure operational health with Microsoft Cybersecurity capabilities. The enhanced Security Administrative Environment helps you avoid the unnecessary compromises of hacked privileged account credentials. You get to reduce the impact of cyberattacks and by doing so, promote very highly secured workstations using credential hygiene and credential protection techniques. Privileged Access Workstations that detect adversaries through monitoring and analysis tools help identify key metrics and fingerprints of cyber attacks both at the hardware network level and in the actual internal environment of your enterprise.

In order to start understanding what is really happening in your enterprise environment and prevent cyber security from impacting you significantly, here's what you should do. Choose Dynamics Edge to learn how to use Microsoft solutions to expose attack vectors and vulnerabilities through monitoring of persistent threats and possible targeted attacks. You should know how to proactively monitor persistent adversaries in your internal enterprise environment. We can teach you how to identify suspiciou device activity, user activity, and help prepare you to respond appropriately to detected threats and attacks.

The Advanced Threat Analytics Implementation Service protects your intellectual property investments, your people, your goodwill and reputation, and your whole enterprise. The model does this by reducing your exposure to the risks posed by targeted attacks through techniques like machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities. Automated and advanced reverse engineering of malware, attack fingerprinting, and more help you get tailored cyberthreat intelligence capabilities, and strategically placed hardening of your environment against persistent attacks and advanced threats.

Good processes and tools for contingency responses are key. We can help you get prepared to defend yourself against modern cybersecurity attacks with best practices using Microsoft's built in cybersecurity suites - so call us at Dynamics Edge, official trusted Microsoft Partner, for more info on how we can help you!

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