Course 200001

MB-200T01 Dynamics: Power platform fundamentals
MB-200T01 Dynamics: Power platform fundamentals: Hands-on session
Note: This Course is in Development and the Outline will be Revised

About this course

This two day instructor-led course provides students who work with PowerApps the skills to create PowerApps. This include the “look and feel” of custom Apps.

The primary audience for this course is individuals who work with Dynamics, Excel, SharePoint or SQL Server. These individuals work with data and can benefit from creating custom mobile apps for specific tasks.

Day 1 Course Outline

Module 1: Creating Two PowerApps

PowerApp using Data from Excel as Template
PowerApp linked to a SharePoint List
Module 2: Adding Functionality

Adding Drop Downs in PowerApps
Master Screen for Custom Themes
Making Customizations to Galleries
Module 3: Working with Forms

Designing and Customizing Forms in PowerApps
Adding Custom Buttons to PowerApps
Understanding Data Cards
Adding Detail Screens, Edit Screens, and New Screens
Associating Screens with each other
Required data and managing errors
Module 4: PowerApps Administration

Administering PowerApps
PowerApps in the Enterprise
Manage licenses in your org
View apps in your environments
Manage apps in your org
Move an app between tenants or environments
PowerShell support for PowerApps (preview)
Module 5: Administer environments

Environments overview
Regions overview
Create an environment
Create a database
Preview environments
Responding to DSR requests
System-generated logs
PowerApps customer data
CDS for Apps customer data
Module 6: Manage subscriptions and accounts

View active users in your tenant
Configure environment security
Introduction to data groups
Create a DLP policy
Manage DLP policies
Day 2 - Course Description About this course

This course instructor-led course provides students who work with Power BI the skills to Administer, Extend, Link to Databases and Run PowerShell Scripts.

The primary audience for this course is individuals who work with are Business Analysis or work with Power BI.

Day 2 Course Outline

Module 1: Power BI Administration

Power BI Pro
Assign Power BI Pro licenses - Office 365 & Azure
Module 2: Power BI Premium

Power BI Premium - what is it?
Premium capacity memory use, optimization
Purchase & Manage Power BI Premium
Power BI Premium monitor capacity report
Support for large datasets & Incremental refresh
Multi-Geo support
Administration role in Office 365
Module 3: Power BI administration keys

Signing up for Power BI with a new Office 365 Trial
Where is my tenant located?
Find users that have signed in
Auditing Power BI
Track service health
Closing your Power BI account
Power BI free and Pro with ExpressRoute in your organization
Using Azure AD B2B
Row-level security with Power BI
Power BI archived workspace
Add Power BI to O365 partner
Configure mobile apps with Intune
Module 4: Advanced Starting Points

PowerShell, REST APIs, and .NET SDK
Power BI cmdlets for PowerShell
Power BI governance and deployment approaches
Power BI security
Power BI for Office 365 is transitioned to Power BI
Module 5: The Power BI API

Power BI Development
Module 6: Dashboards & Datasets

Create and add Dashboards
Get and Add Tiles
Creating, Updating and Deleting Datasets
Working with Data sources
Module 7: Embed Token

Generate tokens
Applying token to Dashboards and Datasets
Generate tokens for Reports and Tiles
Module 8: Gateways

Create and Delete Data sources
Get Gateways
Module 9: Groups

Create, Delete, and Get Groups
Add and Delete Group Users
Module 10: Imports

Create Temporary Upload Location
Get and Post Imports
Module 11: Push Datasets

Get Tables
Delete Rows
Update Tables
Module 12: Reports

Get, Clone, Delete Report
Rebind, Export Report
Update Content in Report
Module 13: Power BI PowerShell Administration

Introduction to PowerShell
The Shell and Graphics IDE
Command Lets and Scripts
Power Shell Scripts for Power BI

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