This free Managed Mobile Worker Productivity Training Guide gives you a high level overview of Windows 10 features needed to have a productive Mobile Worker environment as well as transform your enterprise manufacturing process to reflect the modern day workforce.

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The Microsoft Mobile Worker Productivity solution empowers your enterprise level organization to communicate and interact much more efficiently and effectively through custom tailored mobility tools. The Microsoft Enterprise Mobile Worker Solution has many benefits.

Enable field technicians and sales technicians and other technicians to get work done anywhere in the world.
Microsoft Enterprise mobile solutions empower technicians to get solutions faster and more efficiently with very quick access to resources of great value such as community-driven knowledge bases, visual service manuals. and experts.

Drive true innovation with cross-industrial collaboration for manufacturing and enterprise.
The digital mobile workforce in modern day is transforming how new and existing manufacturers drive innovation throughout the organization or enterprise. Microsoft Enterprise's modern day productivity tools give product engineers a lot of power to build direct relationships and crowd-source new ideas!

Ensure regulatory compliance and protect your sensitive intellectual property (IP)
Not obeying regulations and IP leaking may deal a lot of damage to a business's goodwill and reputation. So Microsoft Enterprise's mobile worker solution set help you get protection of your IP through time-based data retention and built-in data retention. Features like remote device wipes also help meet compliance requirements.

Dramatically Improve performance with increased operations visibility
Merge and combine a lot of data across silos to deliver actionable and real time insights. These insights are for the purposes of your own mobile office which can be consumed by supply chain managers, plant floor workers, warehouse clerks, and plant managers. This data helps you drive production efficiency and overall supply chain and mobile worker productivity.

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