THR3058 Express yourself: Elevate your Microsoft Flow game by using expressions

THR3058 Express yourself: Elevate your Microsoft Power Automate game by using expressions

So maybe you have been automating some or all your business processes with Microsoft Flow now called Power Automate. So now maybe you want to take them to the Power Automate Flow to next level, but don’t know how. Yes, there are many actions that can be added to flows in Power Automate, however when you start having a high number of them it could become overwhelming, such as during the building of large flows in Power Automate. Utilizing expressions can actually help in reducing the number of actions a flow can execute in Power Automate, which actually in turn would start reduing the total runtime of the flow in Power Automate. Learn how to embrace and utilize expressions, learn about which actions can be replaced by expressions in Power Automate, and also you can learn how to build Flows in Power Automate.

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