Azure Data and AI Solutions

Azure Data & AI Solutions

Make natural predictions and intelligent decisions automatically
with our Azure Data & AI Solutions
to differentiate your enterprise technology & attain success.

Azure HDInsight – Hadoop, Spark, Kafka

Our Azure HDInsight Solution can help you transform your data analytics.
Revolutionize your data analytics for game-changing success!

Azure Machine Learning

Make intelligent predictions from your data with our Azure Machine Learning (ML) solution.
Know your trends &amp get an edge on the future now!

Azure Databricks

Get modern data insights into your enterprise with our Azure Databricks solution.
Get to know your enterprise from a new perspective!

Azure Data Lake

Our Azure Data Lake solution helps you build the foundation for massive data analytics.
Reveal hidden opportunities to increase your enterprise success!

Azure Log Analytics

Gain deep insights into your critical application events with our Azure Log Analytics solution.
Solve crucial business problems & increase your effectiveness!

Azure Cosmos DB

Super-scale your transactions, event data and more – as large as planet scale
with our Azure Cosmos DB solution.

Azure Cache for Redis

Deliver quick, responsive &amp personalized experiences like never before
with our Azure Cache for Redis solution.

Azure SQL Database

High perfomance, security, and reliability as a database service can be yours
with our Azure SQL Database solution.

Azure SQL Database Edge

When super-fast data analytics, AI & storage at the device level is important,
our Azure SQL Database Edge solution is here for you.

Azure Table Storage

Affordable, effective, simple, scalable & flexible storage is within your reach,
with our Azure Table Storage solution.

Azure Blob Storage

Store and deliver documents, videos, and assets for your apps at high-performance
with our Azure Blob Storage Solution.

Azure Files

Secure and manage your cloud files with the ease & familiarity of your local network drive,
and the security, scalability &amp stability of our Azure Files Solution.

Azure Event Grid

Get quick event reactions and split-second decisions for your enterprise success
with our Azure Event Grid Solution

Azure Backup

Be prepared when things get unpredictable. Errors happen & cloud assets can even get lost.
Our Azure Backup solution keeps your cloud assets safe & ready to restore.