Have you ever had problems such as a contract not moving from "Draft" to "Active" when the contract has reached its start date?
This could be because the Async Service is not running or has some problem - this guide on Async Service may help you resolve issues such as the contract not changing from Draft to Active when the contract start date is reached, and other related issues.

Restart Async Service in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Training Guide

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The Async Service Guide Applies To: Dynamics 365 (online), as well as: Dynamics 365 (on-premises), Dynamics CRM 2016, Dynamics CRM Online

This is the Async Service Guide for Microsoft Dynamics 365 on-premises (including IFD) deployments. You should know that the asynchronous service can be stopped and restarted by using what's known as the Services administrative tool. How this works is that the service should be stopped before any kind of plug-in assembly that contains asynchronous plug-ins is deleted, and also can be helpful to resolve issues where the contract status remains draft and doesn't change to active when the start date is reached.

Stop and restart the service

  1. First you should navigate to Start, then select Administrative Tools, and then click Services.

  2. Now you need to right-click Microsoft Dynamics 365 Asynchronous Processing Service which is in the Name column of the service listing.

  3. After that, click Start or Stop. Alternatively, you can also click Properties in the shortcut menu and after that, click Start or Stop in the dialog box that is shown.

You must make sure that you have System Administrator privileges to stop or start the service.

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