Microsoft D365 Sales Insights Add-on Licensing can be complex. Ask Dynamics Edge for more information. Here are some free details for now on Dynamics 365 Sales Insights Add-On Licensing.

Please ask for quality Dynamics 365 Sales Insights Licensing by Dynamics Edge, with this you can learn to track your customer related activities and address relevant questions like:

Which ones of your opportunities should have highest priority now?
At what point in time or when has the customer last been contacted before?
Who or what people on your team have been properly interacting with the end customer and when?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Insights Licensing Add-On features might only be available only in North American (NAM) regions of Microsoft.

You generally should make a purchase of Dynamics 365 Sales Insights licensing in order to use D365 Sales Insights features. D365 Sales Insights Licensing consists of the following features here:

Relationship analytics: This gathers quality and relevant information from throughout Dynamics 365 for Sales licensing lifecycle and database in order to actually create a new graphical display of Microsoft key performance indicators (KPIs) as well as great activity histories here. You can use Relationship analytics to gather KPIs well.

Predictive lead scoring: Helps you to focus on proper revenue generation efforts by providing a score to prioritize these efforts on a basis of quality leads that are scored. You can prioritize leads through scores

Predictive opportunity scoring: Helps you to focus properly on revenue generation efforts by providing score to prioritize efforts on quality opportunities. You may prioritize opportunities through scores and such.

Notes analysis: This note analysis also monitors notes that you enter regarding a recent meeting or a new discussion with your customer to provide very intelligent suggestions. So how can notes analysis assists you with suggestion? Find out with Dynamics Edge!

D365 Sales Add On Insights Licensing Talking points: Displays topics to start a conversation with your customer such as sports, vacation, family, and entertainment. More information: Know conversation starters for your customers

Who knows whom: Provides details such as names and email addresses of your own colleagues who know a lead that you are going to interact with. You can get introduced to a lead well with D365 Sales Insights - learn the licensing for it with Dynamics Edge.

To obtain more information about how to enable these great features, how to configure and enable embedded intelligence and more, please contact Dynamics Edge.

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