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Migrate AdxStudio 7 to Dynamics 365 Portals

Microsoft already announced many times around September of 2017, that the product support given by Microsoft's legacy Adxstudio Portals version 7 ahs already long ended on August 1, 2018.

It was mentioned in the many blog announcements, that due to the deprecation of Adxstudio v7, Microsoft provided a migration guide to help customers like you migrate from Adxstudio v7 Portals to the significantly more modern and distinct Dynamics 365 Portals Add-On.

Request the Migration Guide.

This migration guide document is intended to help you properly migrate your AdxStudio Version 7 solutions and all the configuration settings and data to the schema and format supported by Dynamics 365 Portals Add-On.

Adxstudio migration guide applies to customers on Adxstudio version 7.0.0025 or higher.

Please reach out to Dynamics Edge if you have any more questions or need help with anything regarding this big change.

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