Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent Licensing 2019 is available, please contact Dynamics Edge for more details.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent Licensing Dynamics EdgeDynamics 365 Talent Licensing - D365 Talent Licensing Consulting and Training information - please go ahead and fill out our Dynamics Edge contact form by using this link or by clicking or tapping on the image to request more details on D365 Talent options for you and your business.

The Dynamics 365 for Talent application helps organizations strategically attain, empower and optimize human resources (HR) to achieve high-impact, sustainable results for the organization. There are two sets talent experiences:

(i) HR Experience: strategic HR experiences in order to drive operational excellence through intuitive experiences, visibility and collaboration and impactful programs

(ii) Talent Experiences: hire the best talent much faster, build high performing agile teams and maximize the potential of your team (includes 'Attract' and 'Onboard' capabilities).

Both experiences are usually licensed together in the Dynamics 365 for Talent application. Examples of full users who would be licensed with Talent application SLs would include human resource professionals and recruiters.

Users who would usually want to sit outside of HR and recruiting, such as employees who need self-serve HR access or hiring managers who will be hiring for their own teams need to be licensed with the Team Members or Activity SLs.

Dynamics 365 for Talent comprehensive hiring Additional Application information.

Dynamics 365 for Talent comprehensive hiring add-on enables new capabilities for recruiter-grade features for appropriately licensed talent specialists, people managers and recruiters.

Recruiters, talent specialists, and people managers: Hiring experience with expanded capabilities Capabilities Dynamics 365 or D365 Talent Attract Licensing Packages and Capabilities include Talent comprehensive hiring required
Business Process Configurable & extensible hiring process ⚫ ⚫
Hiring process template management
⚫ Job requisition workflow & advanced business rules ⚫
Email template

Candidate Sourcing Create & manage jobs ⚫ ⚫
External job pages & URL
⚫ Talent career site ⚫
External job sites integration
⚫ LinkedIn recruiter system connect ⚫
Multi-position hiring
⚫ Relevant jobs intelligence ⚫
Candidate Management
Candidate portal

⚫ Create & Manage candidates ⚫ ⚫
1 personal talent pool

⚫ Global talent pool ⚫
Unlimited named, shareable talent pools
⚫ Relevant candidate intelligence ⚫
Hiring Management
Screening & Interview scheduling

⚫ Provide interview feedback ⚫ ⚫
Offer Management

Reporting Individual action dashboards ⚫ ⚫
Summary and KPI dashboard

Administration Job-governed, activity-based security ⚫ ⚫
Admin-governed security
⚫ Compliance features & reporting ⚫
Talent comprehensive hiring packs: SKU Name Target Employee Count Minimum Purchase Comprehensive hiring Tier 1 1K 2 packs Comprehensive hiring Tier 2 1K - 5K 10 packs Comprehensive hiring Tier 3 5K+ 50 packs
Talent Modular Application
The Talent “Onboard” modular application allows users to take advantage of Dynamics 365 Application capabilities in a lighter weight, more targeted solution. It represents a subset of the capabilities in Dynamics 365 for Talent but is fully functional standalone experience that can also integrate with and extend Microsoft and third-party business applications.
The Talent: Onboard modular application is sold individually. Pricing is per user per month with a one-year minimum commitment and there is no minimum purchase requirement.

The D365 Talent Onboard Licensing capabilities are included for users who are licensed for Dynamics 365 for Talent.

• The capabilities are well targeted at hiring managers
• New hires don’t usually need a user license to use Dynamics 365 for Talent application
• New hires don’t usually need an Onboard license to use its capabilities

This application is only available for direct purchase and are licensed under the Microsoft Online Subscription Program (MOSP – Web-direct).
Note, the Onboard modular application purchased directly via the web are not compatible with the Talent comprehensive hiring add-on application and therefore not supported.

For more information contact Dynamics Edge.

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