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D365 For Customer Service Licensing Dynamics EdgeDynamics 365 Customer Service Licensing and Training as well as D365 Customer Service Consulting information - fill out our Dynamics Edge Contact Form by using this link or by clicking or tapping on the image to request more information.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service Licensing General information. User subscription with optional device (Enterprise SLs only) as well as Subscription Detials.

Your purchase requirements for Microsoft D365 CRM Licensing can be entitled through the Dynamics 365 Customer Service Enterprise and Customer Engagement Licensing Plan. For additional information, please ask Dynamics Edge. The Default Capacity in the Default Subscription capacities usually end up being based on the same underlying Dynamics 365 Customer Service Azure Tenant and infrastructure and this usage will generally accrue across one tenant in this case. Now with regards to your Capacity Add-on Entitlements and Use Rights, there are some details to ask Dynamics Edge about - please ask Dynamics Edge for more details.

You as the customer may choose what level of D365 CRM Enterprise Licensing functionality is appropriate for your business, enterprise or professional organization with the two solution options for licensing Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service. Note, these two professional and enterprise services are not under ordinary cirumstances meant to be combined together within the same organization and you should usually pick one or the other. Dynamics 365 for Customer Service Enterprise licensing allows for for more configurable, intelligent, and complicated or complex (in the good way) capabilities and functionalities.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service empowers the businesses like yours to provide a customized, branded, and well personalized awesome self-service experience that correctly leverages a well-organized, and also searchable tailored knowledge base so that you can deliver very consistent, and most up-to-date answers to common customer questions.

Dynamics 365 for Customer Service Professional Licensing or D365 CRM Professional Licensing is intended for less complex scenarios with properly streamlined capabilities so that you can start to provide core support functionality to your customer base. Customer Service Enterprise and Customer Service Professional application modules both have one thing in common - they may not actually be deployed on the same instance. They may however be still deployed on the same tenant (so for example, if and when a subsidiary customer service organization has some certain less complex needs than the parent organization, this is why it's allowed to do this).

You can do this utilizing a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service Mix and match deployment licensing package. So that means customers may be able to mix and match the Enterprise licenses (for example, the Customer Engagement Plan or for Enterprise Applications) with the other kinds of Dynamics licenses including the Customer Service Professional even on the same underlying Dynamics 365 Azure Active Directory Tenant Licensing.

Let's suppose you are a user with Customer Service Professional license. In this case you would be licensed only for that application and so therefore you generally could not directly or indirectly access another D365 instance with the Customer Service Enterprise application version.

In reverse as well, because of the fact that Customer Service Enterprise includes Customer Service Professional capabilities, then the result is that a Customer Service Enterprise user may also access the Customer Service Professional instance.

However, the caveat here is that the functionality in the Customer Service Professional application might still be limited to the D365 Customer Service Professional features in this particular case.

Learn more about D365 Instance Separation, D365 Tenants and more by asking Dynamics Edge for more details on Dynamics 365 Customer Service Licensing, Training and Consulting options to help you and your organization!

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