Have you ever encountered the Dynamics 365 CRM V9.0 Gray shading on the web client forms?

The issue is even documented on the Microsoft Docs website:

From the above link:

To some people, this gray shading may make it appear as if the page is loading, and can be an inconvenience.

What if you really don't want this gray shading to appear?

We would recommend you leave it alone if you can.
If you really cannot leave it alone, or really would prefer to make this gray shading disappear, there may be an option to place custom JS code and attach it to the form, and there is no guarantee it will work.
The code has to be very specifically formatted in a way that will get rid of the gray shading. Careful - it could mess up the form on later versions / updates.

Want to know what this custom code might look like, or need more help? Contact us using this link for more info, and check out our Dynamics 365 CRM Training for more information.

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