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Data and AI Fundamentals

To get Data and AI Certified you choose:

How to achieve the Data and AI Fundamentals

The Data and AI Fundamentals can be achieved by passing exam: Exam AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals. The you are Microsoft Certified.

Take the Dynamics Edge course:
Dynamics Edge Course 90000 (AZ-900T01) Microsoft Azure Fundamentals!

The requirements can be use for mutiple certifications Apps and Infrastructure Role Fundamentals - you meet the Data and AI Fundamentals role requirements, you also meet the Apps and Infrastructure Fundamentals requirements too. This opens the paths to the Associate Level. Both of these Fundamentals certification badges share the same Azure Fundamentals badge!

Azure Fundamentals badge

What will you get?

You open up two paths with this badge - one path goes Directly to Azure Data Scientist Associate, Azure Data Engineer Associate, and Azure AI Engineer Associate; the other goes Directly to Azure Solutions Architect Expert. Use the two links below to check out each path!

Fundamentals to Associates

To advance from Fundamentals to Associate. Check this link for further details.


Fundamentals to Expert

The path from Associate to Expert. Check this link for further details.


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