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Course 97041

97041: Power Automate (Flow) Build Your Own Workshop ( 2 days)

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Improve your Business process automation with Microsoft Power Automate (Flow) (Workshop)

Learn to automate repetitive, time-consuming tasks with Power Automate, formerly known as Microsoft Flow. Let us teach you how to leverage Power Automate (Microsoft Flow) to connect your data and become more efficient and effective every day.

The primary audience for this course is individuals who work with Microsoft Office 365 or SharePoint Software. Dynamics 365, professionals may also benefit from taking this course. The concepts covered in this course are not limited to Power Automate (Flow) and SharePoint students will not work directly with Dynamics 365 in this course).

If you are using Dynamics 365 you can benefit from our class MBDE-404 Build Your Own Power App and Dynamics 365 App. You can create a series of Power Apps to help manage your Organization.

You may also want to check the 1 day version of this class Course 97040.

Course Outline

Module 1: The Basics: Power Automate, PowerApps & Power BI Desktop

  • Power Automate – Workflows and Business Process Automation
  • Power Apps – User Interface and Focus on a specific Business
  • Power BI – Reporting and Analyzing
  • Make sure you have the right Plan to accomplish your goal
  • Feature are in Power Apps Plan 1 and Power Apps Plan2?
  • What are new and soon to come features
  • Examples of Power Automate, Power App and Power BI

Module 2: Getting Started

  • Create your first Power Automate (Flow)
  • Using Power Automate (Flow) Templates
  • The Office 365 Templates Automation
  • Creating Approval workflows
  • Collecting Data
  • Automating Email and responses
  • Events and calendar

Module 3: Advanced Functionality in Power Automate (Flows)

  • Working on User Request and User Interface options
  • Adding Buttons
  • Consider a Mobile App
  • Programming Notifications
  • Improving Productivity
  • Integrating with Social media accounts

Module 4: Moving Power Automate (Flow) into production

  • Shared your Power Automate (Flows) with users
  • Running Power Automate (Flows)
  • Sync with Power Automate

Module 5: Troubleshooting Power Automate

  • Troubleshooting Power Automate (Flows)
  • Types of Errors in Power Automate
  • Limits of Plan 1 or Plan 2 Licensing
  • Data Usage
  • Required Components
  • Security and Permissions

Module 6: Programming in Power Automate

  • Programming in Power Automate
  • Advances Power Automate (Flow) Workflows
  • The Power Automate Library
  • The structure of Power Automate (Flows)

Module 7: Workflow and Automation

  • Flow Triggers
  • What they are and How to use them
  • Most common Triggers

Module 8: Actions

  • Understanding Actions in Flow
  • Most common Actions

Module 9: Switch

  • Understanding Switch and Case in Flow
  • Common uses of Switch

Module 10: Condition

  • Understanding If Else in Flow
  • Difference between Condition and Switch

Module 11: Do Until

  • Understanding Loops and Iterations
  • Common uses of “Do…Until”

Module 12: Timeouts

  • Flow Timeout Paradigm
  • Responding to Timeouts

Module 13: Error Handling

  • Causes of Flow Failures
  • Responding to Flow Action Failures

Module 14: Import and Export Flows

  • Backing up within Flow to revert to another version
  • Export Offline Copies to import in different environment.

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9704197041: Power Automate (Flow) Build Your Own Workshop ( 2 days)

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