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Course 97022

97022: Power BI - Dashboard in a Day

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"Start with a Power BI class and build your Dashboard."

Learn how to get Easy Data Insights with features like Natural Language Queries where you can query in the same plain English as if you were asking a colleague what data to pull! Learn this and more with Power BI Dashboard In a Day!

This one-day instructor-led course provides students who work with Microsoft Power BI the skills to analyze data and create Power BI Tiles and Dashboards. You will understand how this powerful business intelligent platform can take your data analytics to new levels!

The primary audience for this course is individuals who work with SQL Server, Excel, or who are business analysts or deal with business intelligence. These individuals usually analyze data on a day-to-day basis and can definitely benefit from the visualizations and the streamlined querying capabilities of Power BI.

In this accelerated class you will leverage Power BI Desktop and then the Power BI Service to get deep insights into your data to drive intelligent business decisions that move your enterprise forward.

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Course Outline

Module 1: Loading the Data

  • Getting the Data
  • Loading Data from files
  • Adding Additional Data

Module 2: Preparing the Data

  • Renaming Tables and Columns
  • Fill, Split, Add/Remove Rows
  • Transpose, Append, and Conditional Columns

Module 3: Modeling the Data

  • Data Relationships Designer
  • Fields and Groups
  • Analyzing Data by Dimension

Module 4: Exploring the Data

  • Deeper Data Dimension Analysis
  • Data and Category Hierarchies
  • Drilling up and down the Data Segments for insights

Module 5: Visualizing the Data

  • Designing the Report
  • Linking the Data set to the Report
  • Themes and Visual Data Elements

Module 6: Publishing the Report

  • Signing up for a Power BI Account
  • Workspaces, Reports, Workbooks and Datasets
  • Publishing your report to the Power BI Service

Module 7: Building the Dashboard

  • Pinning the Visuals
  • Selecting the Tiles
  • Enable Filtering for Insights

Module 8: Sharing the Dashboard

  • Sharing with colleagues
  • Marking Dashboards as Favorites
  • Setting a Dashboard as Featured

We look forward to your great success!

9702297022: Power BI - Dashboard in a Day

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