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Course 97018

Price: $1195, Length: 2 days

Power BI for the Cloud - Level 2 - Data Model Designer

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What makes Power BI for the Cloud such a vast improvement over simple Excel worksheets is the Power BI Data Model, which allows data to be pulled together from multiple data sources. This course is designed for Report Builders who are ready to create custom data models for themselves and for other Power BI Report Builders.

Pre-requisite(s): Power BI for the Cloud - Level 1 - Report Builder


Lesson 1 : Understanding BI Data

Business Intelligence Data Data Source Types Power BI Data Sources

Lesson 2 : Creating Data Models

Power BI Query Import Options Planning a Data Model - Flat File Planning Power BI Data Queries Planning a Data Model - Database Planning a Data Model - Hybrid

Lesson 3 : Customizing Data Models

Query Editor Transformations Applied Steps Merging & Appending Queries Understanding the Data Modeling Tool

Lesson 4 : Power BI Functions - DAX Measures

DAX Measures Creating Measures Best Practices

Lesson 5 : Using Dates Correctly

Building Data Tables Building Hierarchies

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97018Power BI for the Cloud - Level 2 - Data Model Designer