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Course 816701

Price: $695, Length: 1 day

Dynamics 365 (CRM) Marketing Automation Workshop - Connect Sales and Marketing, Automation MB2-719

This one-day instructor-led workshop provides Marketing professionals with the skills and knowledge to run the Marketing Module Dynamics 365 (CRM). Learn to design attractive & effective email marketing campaigns. Discover how email messages are working. See how your marketing pages interact with contacts and your landing pages. Attendees will learn how to set up automatic marketing campaigns and run email marketing campaigns.

Plan to join us in the marketing class to learn: how to plan, promote and manage marketing campaigns, events and webinars. From the campaign responses, learn how to generate, score and qualify leads for hand-off to the sales team. Import promising new leads straight into Dynamics 365 (CRM). Manage your events in one place.

Corresponding Exam: MB2-719

Who should Attend:

Sales, Marketing and Customer Service Representatives using Dynamics software.

After completing this course, students will understand the following areas within Dynamics 365

  • Design attractive & effective messages for email marketing campaigns.
  • Use marketing pages to interact with prospects online.
  • Create automatic, interactive customer journeys.
  • Plan, promote and manage marketing events and webinars.
  • Generate, score & qualify leads for sales.
  • Connect to LinkedIn to import promising new leads straight into Dynamics 365.

Course Outline

Module 1: Marketing with Dynamics 365 Marketing


  • Basic Navigation & Application Tools
  • Customize Templates for Emails
  • Email Sends & Statistics
  • Subscription Management
  • Set Up Lead Scoring

Module 2: Working with Marketing List and List Management


  • Define your target: contacts, leads and accounts
  • Work with Market Target Markets and Segments
  • Explore subscription centers and lists
  • Keep your list compliant and “Do Not Send”

Module 3: Working with Campaigns (For Marketing Software)


  • Working with Marketing Pages and Forms
  • Create Marketing Forms for Marketing Pages
  • Design, Create and Integrate Marketing Pages and eMail
  • Go Live with your Digital Marketing

Module 4: Working with Leads


  • Acquiring Leads and the Lead Process
  • Managing Leads Stages
  • How to Rank and Score Leads
  • Using Lead Scoring Models

Module 5: Email Templates and Dynamic Information


  • Creating and working with eMail Templates
  • The eMail template designer tool
  • Integrating Dynamic Content in your templates
  • Design and Create Successful Marketing eMail
  • Preview and Improve your Digital Marketing

Module 6: Creating Customer Multi-Step Marketing


  • Examples of Multi Step Campaign
  • How to create a Multi Step Campaign
  • Gaining valuable insight from your Multi Step Campaigns
  • Design and Create Successful Multi Step Campaign Design

Module 7: Plan Webinars, Events and Manage Your Event Portal


  • Create, Organize & Promote In-Person or Webinar and Events
  • Invite, register and manage Customers
  • Use the Online Portal to setup: Events, & Registration.
  • Use Marketing to follow up after the event

Module 8: Measuring Satisfaction by surveying your Customers


  • Creating Surveys
  • Basic and Advanced Techniques for Surveys
  • Using Surveys for Marketing Intelligence
  • Managing Survey Responses

Module 9: Dynamics 365 and eMail Marketing Course Review

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816701Dynamics 365 (CRM) Marketing Automation Workshop - Connect Sales and Marketing, Automation MB2-719