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Duration: 1 day
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Course 81113

Price: $695, Length: 1 day

Business Central – Deploy, Configure and Administration

About this Course

This class is for professionals who are working with or managing Dynamics Business Topics covered are deploying, initial setup, managing and administering the Dynamics Business Central instance(s). This deployment and setup in this class should be completed before the actual creation of a company and loading organization information.

Dynamics Business Central is dependent upon Office 365 and Azure. Business Central can integrate with Dynamics GP, Dynamics SL, QuickBooks, Dynamics 365 (CRM), Credit Card Processing, Online purchasing, Banks and other systems.

Topics to be Covered:

Business Central and Office 365

Deploying and Assigning Licenses

Setting Users, Permissions and Roles

Dynamics 365 (CRM)

Dynamics GP

Module 01: Office 365 Tenant Administration

• Getting Started with Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

• The Essentials and Premium subscriptions licensing and feature

• Manage Microsoft Dynamics Business Central Suscriptions

• Manage Production and Sandbox Instances

• Integrating with Other Systems

Module 02: Users and Security

• At the Office 365 Level

• Users in Business Central

• Roles and Assigning Profiles

• Managing Users, The User Card

• Creating a User Group, adding Members

• Assigning Permission Sets to a User Group

• Managing Permissions, Business Central Security Model

• Permission Sets and Individual Permissions

Module 03: Business Central on Mobile Devices

• Configure and Manage Mobile Devices with Dynamics Business Central Apps

• Microsoft Dynamics Business Central integration with Microsoft Outlook

• Office 365 Outlook Synchronization

Module 04: Business Central Working with Office 365

• Using Office 365 Document Management

• Interactions and Document Management

Module 05: Configuring a Company in Business Central

• Set Up a Company Using RapidStart Services

• Data Migration in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

• The Data Migration Assisted Setup

• Data Templates for Setting up Customer, Vendor, and Items

• Import data from Excel

• Import data from other Applications

• Import data from other Applications - Extensions Marketplace

Module 06: Integration with other Microsoft Online Business Solutions

• Integration with other Microsoft Software

• Migrating QuickBooks Company Information

• Dynamics 365 for Sales (CRM)

• Dynamics GP

• Setting up On-Premise Dynamics GP to use the Intelligent Cloud

• Accessing Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM)

Module 07: Course Review

  • Business Central and Office 365
  • Deploying and Assigning Licenses
  • Setting Users, Permissions and Roles
  • Dynamics 365 (CRM)
  • Dynamics GP

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81113Business Central – Deploy, Configure and Administration