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Course 712891

Price: $1495, Length: 2 days

PowerApps Portals - Customize and Manage

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712891 PowerApps Portals Training Customization Management CourseOur custom Microsoft PowerApps Portal training course is an excellent way to jump-start your skill and expertise in understanding the true power and flexibility of the Power Platform PowerApps Portal options in-depth. PowerApps Portals training with Dynamics Edge includes understanding how PowerApps Portals is considered the preferred methodology for your organization's use cases like exposing a public-facing Customer Service Portal to manage Customers with interactive surveys through custom Web Forms that populate the results directly into your Common Data Services environment that you already know and love.

You can also use PowerApps Portals to manage Vendors, Employees, or for managing a Custom Portal tailored to your organization's specific use cases.

IMPORTANT NOTE: as of 12/13/2019 and for all course deliveries taking place on 12/13/2019 or later for this course, all deliveries of this course shall correspond to "PowerApps Portals" (i.e. not the Dynamics 365 Classic View and not the Dynamics 365 Unified Interface but rather, the specific modern version of Portals known as "PowerApps Portals").

PowerApps Portals Custom Training Course

In this lab-intensive, hands-on rich custom PowerApps Portals training course, you should expect in-class, direct live experience working with at least all of the following:

  • Module 1: Modifying a Portal's Title
  • Module 2: Modifying a Portal's Content
  • Module 3: Modifying a Portal's Colors and Themes
  • Module 4: Reusing Content across the Portal
  • Module 5: Understanding the Portal Structure

IMPORTANT: Please be informed that for the purposes of our Policies, this entire package is considered as a "consulting" and "custom training" package, with all elements being considered as "consulting" and "custom training."

IMPORTANT: This class may be scoped to ANY portal of the Instructor's choosing and the Instructor reserves the right to choose only one Portal as the basis of the class. For example, if the Instructor chooses the "Customer Self-Service" portal, then the Instructor reserves the right to deliver this course only using the "Customer Self-Service" portal in particular as the basis of the course with no obligation to demonstrate any other Portals.

IMPORTANT: Please be informed - this specific course is a primarily interactive course, and involves primarily hands on practice. Please also be advised that you may or may not be provided with any kind of custom documentation for this course. At our courtesy, you agree that if you are provided with any custom documentation, it may be primarily targeted at "Dynamics 365 Portals - Classic View" (if provided at our courtesy).

IMPORTANT: For all deliveries for this course held on 01/01/2020 or later: you hereby agree that only one kind of any kind of Portal licenses of our choice (e.g. PowerApps Portal, Dynamics 365 Portal Add On and so forth) may be used for this course delivery, and you also hereby agree that due to the time consuming nature of portal deployment, you may be given a portal for class that has already been deployed for you in advance instead of shown how to deploy and then waiting a long time for the deployment. You also hereby agree that deploying a portal is outside the scope for this class - if included, it would be included on a case-by-case courtesy basis. Please note you also hereby agree that Azure or Office 365 Administration,licensing, or tenant management of any kind is outside the scope of this course and if included, would be included on a case-by-case courtesy basis. Please also note that NO post-course support / lab / tenant access is included, and if it is, it would be on a case-by-case courtesy basis as well.

We look forward to your great success.

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712891PowerApps Portals - Customize and Manage