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TEAMS Office 365 - Fundamentals Teams Project, Channels, & Remote Meetings

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TEAMS Office 365 - Fundamentals

Teams Project, Channels and Remote Meetings

 Microsoft Teams is a collaborative environment that serves as a hub for telephone services, message and video conversations, file sharing, and content creation within Office 365. This workspace provides seamless access to the Microsoft Office software suite.

Course Outline:


  • Start a new conversation in a Channel
  • Reply to a Message
  • Notify whole team in a message
  • Edit a message
  • Add a file attachment to a conversation
  • Save a Message
  • View saved messages
  • Delete a Message
  • Start a private or group chat
  • Name a group chat
  • View Older conversations
  • Search for messages and attachments

Team Meetings and Calls

  • Conversations
  • Setting up meetings in Teams
  • Meetings and Calls
  • Screen sharing
  • Setting up Meetings in Outlook
  • Using Breakout Rooms

Navigating Teams and Channels

  • Exploring Teams
  • Working with Channels
  • Managing Files
  • Notifications, Activity Feed & Files

Phone Calls from Teams

  • Dialing numbers
  • Answering calls
  • Additional Options & Voicemail
  • Add someone to a call
  • Call history

Teams on Mobile Devices

  • Calls
  • Messaging
  • Meetings
  • Notifications
  • Personalization

Additional Features and Shortcuts

  • Company Organization
  • Search
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Teams Shortcuts

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