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This intensive three-day hands-on Docker training course is designed to provide working developers, DevOps staff and other technology professionals with a comprehensive introduction to Docker.

During the course, students will gain hands-on experience with the Docker command line, Dockerfiles and Docker image architecture. The course covers Container operations in depth and exposes attendees to the full range of Docker subcommands and Dockerfile instructions in their entirety so that, upon completion of the course, attendees will have the docker outline

skills and information necessary to begin integrating container technology with their development, test and deployment processes. The course wraps with an introduction to advanced topics such as Docker volume, security, networking, and clustering.


  • Each attendee will require the ability to run a 64 bit virtual machine (provided with the course).
  • Basic Linux command line skills are valuable but not required


  • The architectural constructs in the Linux kernel enabling Docker;
  • How containers are used in development, test and production settings;
  • Docker OSS & commercial products and their place in the market;
  • How other players in the container ecosystem fit into various Docker solution stacks.

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Price: $2295   Duration: 3 days


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