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Course 70008

70008 WordPress Essentials

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  • Developing clear objectives for your site, and configuring WordPress with those objectives in mind
  • Employing a core set of content management techniques to minimize site administration
  • Backing up and securing your data and files with powerful data management tools built into WordPress
  • Organizing your posts and other site content quickly and efficiently using a logical keyword tagging scheme
  • Creating custom descriptive fields to label posts and other site content in a way which makes sense to your visitors
  • Managing large collections of images, recordings and video using WordPress Media Library
  • Minimizing comment moderation tasks by implementing clear policies up front
  • Reduce spam with a few essential tools and techniques
  • Selecting the right WordPress theme for your site's objectives
  • Customize the look and feel of your site by using the WordPress Theme Editor and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  • Designing themes and template pages from scratch
  • Increasing your site's functionality with WordPress widgets and plug-ins


  • Familiarity with HTML and CSS will allow you to get more out of this class.


Unit 1- WordPress Get Started

  • Set up a WordPress site and connect it to a database
  • Use the installer tool to install WordPress
  • Navigate the Dashboard and set default content
  • Upgrade WordPress to take advantage of expanded features

Unit 2- Working with Settings and Accounts

  • Specify WordPress settings for writing, reading, discussions, and media
  • Handle permalinks effectively and efficiently
  • Configure administrative accounts and manage user accounts

Unit 3- Setting Up a WordPress Theme

  • Overview of the default WordPress theme
  • Select a new theme and tweek it with the customizer tool
  • Customize a theme using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
  • Create custom headers and backgrounds
  • Create and add favicon

Unit 4- Adding in Widgets and Plug-ins

  • Differentiate between widgets and plug-ins
  • Add, activate and update plug-ins
  • Learn how to use pre-built widgets

Unit 5- Working with Content and Menus

  • Add and edit pages and posts
  • Learn how to setup and use categories
  • Add tags and discover other ways to add content
  • Set up, add and edit menus

Unit 6- Media & Comments

  • Use the media library to embellish the user experience
  • Create and manage custom image galleries
  • What to understand about audio and video files
  • Enable, disable and moderate comments
  • Prevent comment spam with the Akismet tool

Unit 7- Best Practices

  • Promote organic hits with search engine optimization
  • Increase loading speed and evaluate site traffic
  • Back up your data and files
  • Set up a site map for more efficient navigation
  • Prevent comment spam with the Akismet tool

We look forward to your great success!!!

7000870008 WordPress Essentials

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