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70003 Java Programming

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You will learn the essentials of this popular programming language, particularly how to write powerful, efficient applications which can be run on almost any platform or device. This course will provide you with the practical experience to design, write, compile, and execute Java applications. This will enable you to solidify the skills required to develop fully functional Java programs which can interact with existing SQL databases.


  • Experience with any other programming language (e.g. Javascript,Visual Basic, PHP, VBScript, C/C++, Ruby, Perl, etc.)


Unit 1- Learn the Java Platform

  • Use the Java Software Development Kit.
  • Use a Java Virtual Machine to run Java programs on computer and in browser.
  • Write programs, compile them, and run in the Java Run-Time Environment.

Unit 2- Write Effective Code by Understanding the Object-Oriented Paradigm

  • Construct Java Classes, Objects, Methods and Properties which are easy to modify and debug.
  • Gain an appreciation for Java's strict rules regarding the creation of objects and methods.
  • Limit variable scope for optimum application performance.
  • Use Java packages to organize your classes for added encapsulation.

Unit 3- Master Java Syntax & Conventions for Rapid ApplicationDevelopment

  • Organize statements into meaningful blocks of code and add comments when necessary to facilitate future revisions.
  • Optimize the use of variables and method calls.
  • Gain familiarity with common compile and run-time errors.

Unit 4- Design GUI Applications using Swing

  • Give Java applications the unique cross-platform look and feel.
  • Rapidly create sophisticated interface controls without making significant changes to the application code.
  • Modify almost any aspect of a Swing component's appearance with precision.
  • Master the complexities of debugging Swing applications.

Unit 5- Optimize Resource Usage and Enhance Application Reliability

  • Understand how variables and data types impact the allocation of memory.
  • Understand how in earlier versions, "primitive" data types were used in an Object-Oriented environment.
  • Construct Java classes for maximum application reliability, simplified program maintenance, and easier division of work among teams of developers.
  • Use constructors to construct instances and know when to apply method overloading techniques.

Unit 6- Code for Fast Execution and Efficiency

  • Process user input and text literals with StringBuilder.
  • Simplify operation performance by creating and manipulating Java arrays.
  • Understand the nuances of Java expressions and operator precedence.
  • Use looping, branching and switching control flow statements effectively for clearer, more efficient code.
  • Reduce system complexity and safeguard Java classes with specifiers and qualifiers.

Unit 7- Minimize Duplicate Effort with Java Inheritance and Interfaces

  • Streamline the time-consuming process of creating Java classes by using the concept of inheritance.
  • Construct a hierarchy of Java classes and methods which parallels real-world concepts for more meaningful results.
  • Exact greater control over your object model with advanced techniques, such as overriding methods and dynamic method binding.
  • Create interfaces to extend Java's implementation of the inheritance concept.
  • Facilitate data sharing by grouping classes into logical packages.

Unit 8- Query and Update Databases with JDBC

  • Navigate the broad set of JDBC Technology Drivers and identify the right drivers for your needs.
  • Set the appropriate parameters for a driver-specific connection string.
  • Master the Structured Query Language (SQL) statements of greatest use to the Java programmer.
  • Minimize network traffic and repetitive programming tasks for database processing with stored procedures.

Unit 9- Usine Eclipse IDE to Work Smarter

  • Accelerate the software development process with Eclipse Integrated Development Environment.
  • Benefit from Eclipse syntax highlighting.

Understand Eclipse projects and use them to your advantage.

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7000370003 Java Programming

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