60014 Adobe Acrobat Introduction - Dynamics Edge
Course 60014

60014 Adobe Acrobat Introduction

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Learning Acrobat will give you the control you need over your PDF documents. You will learn how to use Acrobat to create PDF files, make changes and mark up a PDF file, even edit text. We’ll show you how to safeguard your information with Acrobat's security features, and how to produce high-quality PDFs for print vendors.


  • A solid understanding of Microsoft Windows' file management, the concepts of right-clicking and selecting object properties.


Unit 1- Acrobat DC Introduction

  • Interface
  • Setting Preferences
  • Viewing PDF Files in Read Mode
  • Viewing PDF Presentations in Full Screen Mode
  • Splitting the View of a Document
  • The Toolbars, Task Panes and Panels
  • Showing More Tools in Existing Sets

Unit 2- Creating PDFs from MS Office

  • Exporting MS Office Document to PDF Format
  • PDF Maker Options

Unit 3- Creating PDFs from Acrobat

  • Creating PDFs from Acrobat
  • Creating PDFs from Files
  • Adding Pages
  • Adding Bookmarks
  • Combining Files in Acrobat
  • Numbering PDFs with Headers and Footers

Unit 4- Repurposing PDF Content

  • Repurposing PDFs
  • Exporting to Excel

Unit 5- Editing PDF Content

  • Enhancing and Editing PDF Files
  • Inserting a Page
  • Rotating a Page
  • Deleting a Page
  • Renumbering Pages
  • Editing & Adding Links
  • Adding Multimedia Files
  • Editing Text
  • Setting Document Properties & Adding Metadata
  • Copying Text and Images from a PDF File
  • Editing Images and Other Objects in PDF Files

Unit 6- Web Capture

  • Creating a PDF from Web Pages

Unit 7- Optimizing Files

  • Reducing PDF File Size
  • Attaching Files to PDFs

Unit 8- Creating PDF Portfolios

  • Creating PDF Portfolios

Unit 9- Search and Find

  • Searching PDFs
  • Finding Words in PDF Files
  • Advanced Search Options

Unit 10- Reviewing and Commenting on PDF Files

  • Reviewing and Commenting on PDF Files
  • Adding Comments to a PDF
  • Working with Comments
  • Summarizing Comments
  • Conducting a Review
  • Compare a Revised PDF to an Earlier Version

Unit 11- Cropping and Page Sectioning

  • Rotating, Cropping and Numbering PDF Pages
  • Extracting pages and Splitting a Document
  • Extract pages in a PDF

Unit 12- Security

  • Securing PDF Files
  • Removing Password & Permissions Security
  • Security Policies
  • Using Security Envelopes

Unit 13- Using Actions

  • Using Actions
  • Creating an Action
  • Adding Steps to an Action
  • Saving an Action
  • Testing an Action
  • Sharing Actions

Unit 14- Redaction

  • Removing Sensitive Information from PDF files by Applying Redaction
  • Changing the Appearance of Redaction
  • Searching Text for Redaction

Unit 15- Recognizing Text in Scanned PDFs

  • Using OCR to Recognize Text in Scanned Files

Unit 16- Creating Fillable Forms

  • Overview of PDF Form Fields
  • Automatically Creating an Interactive PDF Form
  • Manually Creating an Interactive PDF Form
  • Adding Different Types of Fields
  • Text Fields
  • Aligning Fields
  • Signature Fields
  • Dropdown Lists
  • Radio Buttons
  • Additional Text Fields
  • Show & Hide Fields
  • Adding Show/Hide Actions to Radio Buttons
  • Hidden Calculation Fields - Price
  • Placing Multiple Fields
  • Resizing, Aligning & Distributing Fields
  • Calculation Fields - Quantity

Unit -17 Form Field Calculations

  • Calculation Fields - Total
  • Adding Fields with Minimum & Maximum Values
  • Calculation Fields - Subtotals
  • Calculation Fields - Tax
  • Calculation Fields - Order Total
  • Setting Up a Pop-Up Window with a Rolllover Button
  • Creating a Print Button
  • Creating a Save Button
  • Creating a Submit Button
  • Submit Form Selections Options
  • Creating a Reset Button
  • Setting the Tab Order for Form Fields
  • Tips for Saving Forms for Users of Adobe Reader
  • Replicating Forms
  • Replacing Pages
  • Collecting Form Data

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6001460014 Adobe Acrobat Introduction

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