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Course 60006

60006 Adobe Photoshop Advanced

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You will learn about advanced image manipulation and editing techniques to create impactful images for high-end printers, Internet browsers and any number of mobile devices. 


Photoshop Fundamentals or equivalent experience


Unit 1- Photoshop - Camera RAW

  • What s a RAW File?
  • What is HDR?
  • Taking Photos for HDR Images
  • Tool Bar Tool Functions
  • Basic Tonal Adjustments
  • Curves Adjustments in Camera RAW
  • Sharpening & Noise Reduction in Camera RAW
  • Working with Images Edited in Previous Camera RAW Versions
  • Using Snapshots
  • Cropping Images in Camera RAW
  • White Balancing & Developing Multiple Images
  • Lens Correction
  • Straightening Images
  • Creating Black & White & Saving Presets
  • Applying Split Toning
  • Saving Presets
  • Spot Removal Tool
  • Adjustment Brush
  • Cropping & Lens Vignetting
  • Working with RAW Files in Photoshop
  • Archiving RAW Images
  • RAW vs. JPEG Images
  • Editing TIFF & JPEG Images in Camera RAW
  • The Difference Between JPEG & RAW File Processing
  • RAW files vs. JPG
  • Using Camera RAW as a Filter

Unit -2 Movie Merchandise Poster

  • Movie Poster Layout
  • Using Paste Into - Sample DVD
  • Warping & Blending Modes - Sample Coffee Mug
  • Displacement Map - Sample T-Shirt
  • Vanishing Point - Sample CD Sound Track
  • Photomerge & Content Aware Fill - Panorama Location Shot

Unit 3- Color Profiles & Settings

  • Color Profiles
  • Installing a Custom Color Profile & Color Settings
  • Proofing Images with a Color Profile
  • Converting Images to a Color Profile

Unit 4- Sharpen Images

  • Sharpening Images
  • Sharpening Images with the High Pass Filter
  • Sharpening Images with the Unsharp Mask Filter
  • Sharpening Images with the Smart Sharpen Filter

Unit 5- Automate Photoshop using Actions

  • Automating Photoshop with Actions
  • Duplicating and Modifying Actions
  • Recording Complex Actions
  • Recording a Variation of a Complex Action
  • Batch Processing Images with Actions
  • Creating a Watermark File
  • Applying a Watermark Using an Action

Unit 6- Using Smart Objects

  • Smart Objects & Layer Comps
  • Using Mini-Bridge
  • Color Balance the Image
  • Import and Manipulate Color Vector Artwork
  • Edit a Smart Object
  • Record a Simple Action
  • Colorize Black & White Artwork with Gradients

Unit 7- Working with Layer Comps

  • Add Text & Create Layer Comps
  • Using Scripts to Export Layer Comps as Files

Unit 8- Creative Compositing

  • Creative Compositing by Adding Layers
  • Using Quick Mask
  • Editing a Mask
  • Creating a Path with the Pen Tool
  • Applying Filters & Creating Effects
  • Creating a Lightning Effect Using an External File
  • Adding Canvas and a Frame
  • Making an Isolated Color Adjustment
  • Adding a Custom Brush
  • Tips for Compositing Images

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6000660006 Adobe Photoshop Advanced

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