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Course 60005

Price: $795, Length: 2 days

60005 Adobe Photoshop Introduction

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Note: For additional questions and clarification, you may reach Bill Ramirez at or on his following contact details: Office- (510) 804-3600 & Cell- (415) 200-6969


Learn to create stunning web graphics or transform digital photographs into works of art using Photoshop.


  • Basic Mac or Windows skills: copying/pasting, right-clicking (contextual menus), finding files, switching between programs, exploring windows


Unit 1- Interface and Settings

  • The Interface
  • Preferences
  • CC Workspaces
  • Keyboard Shortcuts and Preferences
  • Customizing the Menu

Unit 2- File Formats for Images

  • Photoshop format (PSD)
  • JPEG Format
  • TIFF Format
  • About File Compression

Unit 3- Image Size & Resolution

  • Image Size and Resolution
  • Basic PPI Resolution for various output

Unit 4- Image Production Workflow

  • Capture Images in RAW Format

Unit 5- Adobe Bridge CC

  • Adobe Bridge CC Summary
  • Workspaces
  • Metadata Templates
  • Filmstrip Workspace
  • Metadata Workspace
  • Output Workspace
  • Merge to HDR
  • Acquiring digital images from cameras
  • Organizing Content with Bridge

Unit 6- How to Crop and Resize

  • Resizing vs. Cropping
  • Fixing Perspective
  • Straigtening Images
  • Content Aware Scale and Crop Presets
  • Resizing Images
  • Resizing Images for the Web
  • Web Graphic Formats

Unit 7- Image Composition

  • Blur Effects
  • Creating a Tilt-Shift Blur
  • Field Blur
  • Combining Imges to Create Depth of Field

Unit 8- Managing Colors

  • Creating a New Document
  • Choosing Colors

Unit 9- Photoshop Selection Tools

  • Rectangular Marquee Tool
  • Magic Wand Tool
  • Elliptical Marquee Tool
  • Magnetic Lasso Tool
  • Quick Select Tool

Unit 10- Photoshop Type and Effects

  • Adding Canvas
  • Working with Type
  • Effects and Layer Styles
  • Smart Objects and Puppet Warp
  • Selection Tool Settings
  • Refining Selection Edges

Unit 11- Non-Destructive Color Correction

  • Histogram
  • Analyzing an Image
  • Adjusting an Image using Levels
  • Examples of Histograms and Image Exposure
  • Using the Eyedroppers in Levels
  • Color Theory
  • The Adjustment panel
  • Using Masks on Adjustment Lyaers
  • Using Gradient Masks on Adjustment Layers
  • Using a Channel to Enhance a Mask
  • Masking on Different Adjustment Layers
  • Polygonal Lasso Tool
  • Using Adjustment Layers
  • Converting Color Images to Black and White
  • Using Gradient Map Presents for Image Toning
  • Using Color Lookup Presets for Image Toning
  • Color Lookup Image Adjustment

Unit 12- Retouch Images

  • Beauty Retouching Analysis
  • Removing Flaws
  • Whiten Teeth
  • Darkening Images
  • Adjusting Tonal Regions
  • Copying a Layer Mask to Another Layer
  • Applying Digital Make-up

Unit 13- Working with Smart Objects

  • Creating a Smart Object for a Comparison Image
  • Editing a Smart Object and Skin Smoothing
  • Adding a Custom Brush to Enhance Eyelashes

Unit 14- Restore Images

  • Restoring Damaged Images
  • Merging Layers for the Comparison Image
  • Removing Red Eye
  • Digital Scuplting with Liquify
  • Fixing Bloodshot Eyes

Unit 15- Using Vanishing Point

  • Repairing Images in Perspective with Vanishing Point
  • Adding Images in Perspective with Vanishing Point
  • Adding Effects, Blending and Masking

Unit 16- Layer Masking and Compositing

  • Combining and Aligning Images
  • Reshaping Images with Liquify
  • Blending and Masking Images

Unit 17- Compositing - Ad Project

  • Setting Up The Image
  • Editing Photoshop Preferences
  • Erasing and Extending Image Pixels
  • Rebuilding the Fur
  • Adding Contrast to the Image
  • Adding a Background Image
  • Adding a Tinting Layer
  • Adding a Gradient Layer
  • Adding a Fog Layer
  • Importing Custom Shapes
  • Adding Type
  • Adding Preset Shapes
  • Applying Layer Styles
  • Copying a Layer Style
  • Saving a Layer Style
  • Adding and Applying Custom Styles

Unit 18- Create Custom Brushes

  • Extending Image Canvas
  • Preparing an Image for a Brush
  • Creating a Custom Brush
  • Modifying Brush Settings and Applying a Brush
  • Saving and Sharing Brush Presets
  • Manipulating Brush Orientation and Angle
  • Editing Brush Strokes
  • Importing Custom Brushes into Photoshop

We look forward to your great success!!!

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6000560005 Adobe Photoshop Introduction