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Price: $995   Duration: 2 days

Course 60004

Price: $995, Length: 2 days

60004 Adobe Premiere Introduction

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Note: For additional questions and clarification, you may reach Bill Ramirez at or on his following contact details: Office- (510) 804-3600 & Cell- (415) 200-6969


Learn to start creating professional productions for film, TV, and the web.


  • Tour Premiere
  • Set Up A Project
  • Import Media
  • Organize Media
  • Master the Essentials of Video Editing
  • Work with Clips and Markers
  • Add Transitions
  • Perform Advanced Editing Techniques
  • Put Clips in Motion
  • Perform Multicamera Editing
  • Edit & Mix Audio
  • Add Video Effects
  • Sweetening Sound
  • Improve Clips using Color Correction and Grading
  • Explore Compositing Techniques
  • Create Titles
  • Manage Your Projects
  • Export Frames, Clips, and Sequences


  • Basic Mac or Windows skills: copying/pasting, right-clicking (contextual menus), finding files, switching between programs, exploring windows


Unit 1- Touring Premiere and Setting Up Your Project

  • Walk through of the Adobe Premiere Pro product
  • Understand how to do nonlinear editing
  • Use basic video workflows and incorporate Adobe CC
  • Create a custom workspace for maximum efficiency
  • Pick the right project and playback settings
  • Use scratch disks and sequence presets
  • Pick the right sequence settings
  • Understand audio display settings

Unit 2- Import & Organize Media

  • How to use the media browser to find what you need
  • Adding past assets to the project via import
  • Uploading images and photos
  • Understanding the media cache
  • How to use and navigate your project panel
  • How to use bins effectively
  • Monitor footage and make changes to your clips

Unit 3- Edit & Mix Audio, Editing Video

  • Learn to use the Source Monitor and Navigate the Timeline
  • Edit swiftly by knowing new editing commands
  • Understand the meaning of different audio characteristics
  • Change the volume on the audio you use
  • Learn how to form a split edit
  • Use the Audio Track Mixer for added effects
  • Change the EQ and learn to sweeten sound

Unit 4- Editing (Video and Multi-Camera)

  • Retime your clips to perfection
  • Take advantage of four point editing
  • Use either regular or advanced trimming depending on the goal
  • Learn the multi-camera process
  • Make multi-camera sequences in your project
  • Know the full scope of multi-camera editing in Premiere

Unit 5- Add Video Effects and Changing Color

  • Create a solid color-oriented workflow to speed up your tasks
  • Learn keyframing effects and effects presents
  • Know the most commonly used effects
  • Add special color effects to your project
  • Get a high level view of different, useful color oriented effects

We look forward to your great success!!!

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6000460004 Adobe Premiere Introduction