MB-407 Microsoft Form is for D365 CE, D365 FO and Power Platform - Dynamics Edge
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MB-407 Microsoft Form is for D365 CE, D365 FO and Power Platform

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Get ready for the new way to manage surveys.

Once you have planned your survey and defined an objective for it, you are
now ready to start creating your survey. In this class we cover how to
create a survey, applying a theme to it, and other actions that you can
perform by using Microsoft Forms Pro.

In this class, you will learn how to work with Microsoft Forms Pro:

  • Create a new survey
  • Apply theme to a survey
  • Preview and test a survey
  • Create a branching rule
  • Personalize a survey
  • Format text in a survey
  • Create a classic form
  • Create a multilingual survey
  • Create a multipage survey
  • Collaborate on a survey
  • Share a survey for collaborating
  • Share a survey as a template
  • Analyze responses and invitations
  • Analyze responses and invitations
  • View summary information for your survey
  • View details for each question
  • Analyze survey invitations
  • Analyze survey responses
  • Analyze survey insights
  • Manage your work environment
  • Copy a survey to another environment
  • Monitor Performance and become a Pro

We look forward to your great success.

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