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Price: $1390
Duration: 2 days
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Course 40007

Price: $1390, Length: 2 days

AZ-400T07 Designing a DevOps Strategy

IMPORTANT: As of May 2019, we recommend you check out our newest version of this course: Please click, tap on, or use this link to view course 40000 or AZ-400 Azure DevOps Engineer Training Package for more details.

Course Description:

While attending this 2 day course training – will be able to help the participants achieve Microsoft Certified Expert Azure DevOps Engineer certification (AZ-400). This hands on, instructor led live course training teaches the knowledge to develop / deploy applications in an Azure environment along with the knowledge needed for the certification exams (administered while attending).

This Microsoft Certified Azure DevOps course will be taught using Microsoft Official Courseware:

AZ-400T07: Designing a DevOps Strategy

Recommend a migration and consolidation strategy for DevOps tools

  • Analyze existing artifact (e.g. deployment packages, NuGet) and container repositories
  • Analyze existing test management tools
  • Analyze existing work management tools
  • Recommend migration and integration strategies for artifact repositories, source control, test management, and work management

Design and implement an Agile work management approach

  • Identify and recommend project metrics, KPIs, and DevOps measurements (e.g. cycle time, lead time, Azure Kubernetes Service, WIP limit)
  • Implement tools and processes to support Agile work management
  • Mentor team members on Agile techniques and practices
  • Recommend an organization structure that supports scaling Agile practices
  • Recommend in-team and cross-team collaboration mechanisms

Design a quality strategy

  • Analyze existing quality environment
  • Identify and recommend quality metrics
  • Recommend a strategy for feature flag lifecycle
  • Recommend a strategy for measuring and managing technical debt
  • Recommend changes to team structure to optimize quality
  • Recommend performance testing strategy

Design a secure development process

  • Inspect and validate code base for compliance
  • Inspect and validate infrastructure for compliance
  • Recommend a secure development strategy
  • Recommend tools and practices to integrate code security validation (e.g. static code analysis)
  • Recommend tools and practices to integrate infrastructure security validation

Design a tool integration strategy

  • Design a license management strategy (e.g. Azure DevOps users, concurrent pipelines, test environments, open source software licensing, DevOps tools and services, package management licensing)
  • Design a strategy for end-to-end traceability from work items to working software
  • Design a strategy for integrating monitoring and feedback to development teams
  • Design an authentication and access strategy
  • Design a strategy for integrating on-premises and cloud resources

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40007AZ-400T07 Designing a DevOps Strategy