Course 40003

AZ-400T03 Implementing Continuous Delivery

Course Description:

While attending this 1 day course training – will be able to help the participants achieve Microsoft Certified Expert Azure DevOps Engineer certification (AZ-400). This hands on, instructor led live course training teaches the knowledge to develop / deploy applications in an Azure environment along with the knowledge needed for the certification exams (administered while attending).

This Microsoft Certified Azure DevOps course will be taught using Microsoft Official Courseware:

AZ-400T03: Implementing Continuous Integration

Design a release strategy

  • Recommend release tools
  • Identify and recommend release approvals and gates
  • Recommend strategy for measuring quality of release and release process
  • Recommend strategy for release notes and documentation
  • Select appropriate deployment pattern

Set up a release management workflow

  • Automate inspection of health signals for release approvals by using release gates
  • Configure automated integration and functional test execution Create a release pipeline (e.g. Azure Kubernetes Service, Service Fabric, WebApp)
  • Create multi-phase release pipelines
  • Integrate secrets with release pipeline
  • Provision and configure environments
  • Manage and modularize tasks and templates (e.g. task and variable groups)

Implement an appropriate deployment pattern

  • Implement blue-green deployments
  • Implement canary deployments
  • Implement progressive exposure deployments
  • Scale a release pipeline to deploy to multiple endpoints (e.g. deployment groups, Azure Kubernetes Service, Service Fabric)

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40003AZ-400T03 Implementing Continuous Delivery
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