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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Manufacturing

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32000 MB-320 Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations Manufacturing Training

This 5-day Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Manufacturing training contains the following 3 courses. It is also designed to help you prepare for Exam MB-320.

This exam is for Microsoft Certified: Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Manufacturing Functional Consultant Associate certification. Candidates for this exam are functional consultants who analyze business requirements and translates those requirements into fully realized business processes and solutions that implement industry best practices.

Course Outline

Module 1: Get started with production control

  • Discrete, lean, and process manufacturing methodologies
  • Unified manufacturing
  • How to configure production control for unified manufacturing
  • Capacity planning
  • Integration between the General ledger and the Production control modules
  • Production pools
  • How to work with allocation keys

Module 2: Get started with discrete manufacturing

  • Discrete manufacturing concepts
  • Production process statuses
  • Production stages
  • Bill of materials (BOM)
  • Resources
  • Routes and operations

Module 3: Configure discrete manufacturing

  • Inventory dimensions in production
  • Parameters, production orders, and statuses
  • Calendars and resources
  • Operations and routes

Module 4: Work with Costing Sheet

  • Configure the costing sheet
  • Perform BOM calculation and analyze costs by using the costing sheet.

Module 5: Capacity planning and scheduling for discrete manufacturing

  • Work with capacity planning
  • Schedule a production order
  • Split a production order
  • Set up scrap and waste

Module 6: Work with manufacturing execution

  • Learn about the manufacturing execution process.
  • Identify the roles in manufacturing execution.
  • Process production orders.
  • Discover the process workflows to manage a production.

Module 7: Get Started with Product configuration

  • Terminology that is important for understanding the concepts and processes that are associated with product configuration.
  • Product configuration end-to-end scenario.
  • Different areas that span the product configuration process.
  • The product configuration model.
  • How to build a product configuration model.

Module 8: Configure process manufacturing

  • Configure process manufacturing.
  • Manage formulas.
  • Create and configure catch weight items.
  • Create co-products and by-products.
  • Configure approved vendors.

Module 9: Identify and configure batch attributes for process manufacturing

  • Batch attributes.
  • Potency management.

Module 10: Commodity pricing and compliance

  • Configure commodity pricing in Finance and Operations
  • Configure product compliance in Finance and Operations

Module 11: Get started with lean manufacturing

  • Learn about lean manufacturing.
  • Explore the lean concepts and terminology.

Module 12: Configure lean Manufacturing

  • Configure parameters.
  • Create value streams.
  • Create production flows.
  • Configure lean manufacturing work cells.

Module 13: Create and process fixed Kanbans

  • Kanban rules.
  • Manufacturing kanbans.
  • Withdrawal kanbans.
  • Fixed quantity kanbans.
  • Kanban quantity calculations and circulating kanbans.

Module 14: Create and process event Kanban rules

  • Create kanban rules.
  • Create and manage a sales line event kanban.
  • Create and manage a BOM line event kanban.

Module 15: Create and process scheduled Kanbans

  • Kanban rules.
  • Manufacturing kanbans.
  • Withdrawal kanbans.
  • Creation and management of scheduled kanbans.
  • Supply schedule.
  • Kanban quantity calculations.

Module 16: Configure activity-based subcontracting and production flow costing

  • Configure activity-based subcontracting
  • Designate vendors as subcontractors
  • Configure production flow costing

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32000Microsoft Dynamics 365 Manufacturing

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