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Course 100027

Price: $275, Length: 1 day


Microsoft Sway

Sway is a web-based digital storytelling app that allows you to create multimedia presentations (“sway”) conveying concepts and narratives clearly and easily. Upload content from your computer or let Sway’s comprehensive search function find media from OneDrive, OneNote, YouTube, Bing, and various online social medial sources. Sway can also convert formatted Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, or PDFs into sways. Customize your sway with a host of designs and color schemes drawn from your sway’s images, and group content together with tools to emphasize what’s important. Sways are automatically backed up to the cloud and optimized for different devices, allowing you to share them with friends and colleagues with the click of a button (or tap, if you use a tablet, smartphone, or touchscreen).

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Creating Sways

  • TOPIC 1: Creating a Sway
  • TOPIC 2: Sway Cards
  • TOPIC 3: Common Card Formatting Options
  • TOPIC 4: Card Types
  • TOPIC 5: Managing Cards

Lesson 2: Adding Content & Organizing Your Sway

  • TOPIC 1: Adding Content
  • TOPIC 2: Embedding Content
  • TOPIC 3: Card Sections
  • TOPIC 4: Card Groups

Lesson 3: Customizing, Collaborating & Sharing

  • TOPIC 1: Customizing Design and Layout
  • TOPIC 2: Collaborating on a Sway
  • TOPIC 3: Preview & Play
  • TOPIC 4: Sharing Your Sway

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