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Course 100018

Price: $795, Length: 2 days

Access 2016 Advanced

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The lesson turns to macros and using them to improve user interface design. The topics covered here are to create a macro, restrict records using a condition, validate data using a macro, automate data entry using a macro, and convert a macro to VBA.

Some advanced database management skills come under scrutiny. Topics in this lesson teach students how to link tables to external data sources, manage a database, determine object dependency, document a database, and analyze the performance of a database.
Attendees will split a database for multiple user access, implement security, set passwords, convert an Access database to an ACCDE file, and package a database with a digital signature.
The final lesson is all about switchboards. Students are taught how to create a database switchboard, how to modify a database switchboard, and how to set startup options.

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Implementing Advanced Form Design

  • TOPIC A: Add Controls to Forms
  • TOPIC B: Set Form Controls
  • TOPIC C: Create Subforms
  • TOPIC D: Organize Information with Tab Pages
  • TOPIC E: Enhance Navigation with Forms
  • TOPIC F: Format a Form
  • TOPIC G: Apply Conditional Formatting

Lesson 2: Using Data Validation

  • TOPIC A: Field Validation
  • TOPIC B: Form and Record Validation

Lesson 3: Using Macros to Improve User Interface Design

  • TOPIC A: Create a Macro
  • TOPIC B: Restrict Records Using a Condition
  • TOPIC C: Validate Data Using a Macro
  • TOPIC D: Automate Data Entry Using a Macro
  • TOPIC E: Convert a Macro to VBA

Lesson 4: Using Advanced Database Management

  • TOPIC A: Link Tables to External Data Sources
  • TOPIC B: Manage a Database
  • TOPIC C: Determine Object Dependency
  • TOPIC D: Document a Database
  • TOPIC E: Analyze the Performance of a Database

Lesson 5: Distributing and Securing a Database

  • TOPIC A: Split a Database for Multiple User Access
  • TOPIC B: Implement Security
  • TOPIC C: Set Passwords
  • TOPIC D: Convert an Access Database to an ACCDE File
  • TOPIC E: Package a Database with a Digital Signature

Lesson 6: Managing Switchboards

  • TOPIC A: Create a Database Switchboard
  • TOPIC B: Modify a Database Switchboard
  • TOPIC C: Set Startup Options

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100018Access 2016 Advanced