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Course 100006

Price: $350, Length: 1 day

100006 OneNote Introduction

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OneNote 2016 is Microsoft’s note-taking and organizational application and this latest version incorporates a refined page hierarchy, better searching options, automatic links to pasted content, task integration with Outlook, and a variety of new sharing options to make working with others easier

This course covers different features of the interface, shows users how to print, covers some simple scenarios, and examines the basics of formatting. When the course is completed your students will be comfortable creating a new OneNote notebook, customizing the interface, entering information into OneNote from a variety of sources, and using OneNote’s collaboration tools.

Students will learn how to navigate their way around OneNote 2016, how to create a notebook, use templates, and customize the interface. See how to use tags, symbols, drawing tools, and pen options.

This OneNote 2016 course wraps up with a look at finalizing a notebook and various related aspects. Students are taught how to finalize a notebook using proofing and print settings, how to configure notebooks settings, properties, and security.

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Exploring Notebook Structure

  • TOPIC A: Navigate the OneNote 2016 Environment *
  • TOPIC B: Create a Notebook *
  • TOPIC C: Use Predesigned Templates for OneNote Notebooks *
  • TOPIC D: Customize the User Interface *

Lesson 2: Adding Content and Formats to a OneNote Notebook

  • TOPIC A: Modify Formatting in a Notebook *
  • TOPIC B: Add Images to a Notebook *
  • TOPIC C: Add Tables to a Notebook *
  • TOPIC D: Add Audio and Video to a Notebook *
  • TOPIC E: Add Quick Notes and Links *
  • TOPIC F: Use Tags, Symbols, Drawing Tools and Pen Options *
  • TOPIC G: Share and Collaborate on Notebooks *

Lesson 3: Managing OneNote Notebooks, History, & Backups

  • TOPIC A: Save and Export Content and Use Alternate File Type *
  • TOPIC B: Manage Notebook Recycle Bins and Backups *

Lesson 4: Working with Embedded Files

  • TOPIC A: Work with Excel Spreadsheets and Visio Diagrams *
  • TOPIC B: Work with Embedded Files *

Lesson 5: Sharing and Collaborating with Notebooks

  • TOPIC A: Send a Notebook and Use Outlook Integration *

Lesson 6: Finalizing a Notebook

  • TOPIC A: Finalize a Notebook Using Proofing and Print Settings *
  • TOPIC B: Configure Notebook Properties and Security *
  • TOPIC C: Search Notebooks *

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100006100006 OneNote Introduction