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You might encounter this error. The Class ID or CLSID {0002450 0-0000-0000-C000-000000000046} 80040154 Class not registered COM object may show up when using Dynamics 365 CRM XRMToolBox tools such as DataImport++ - preventing you from even launching the plugin at all from XRMToolBox.

XRMToolBox is a valuable tool for Dynamics 365 and Dynamics CRM where 3rd parties author free cool plugins for use with Dynamics 365 CRM Customer Engagement in order to automate tasks in unique ways. One such useful plugin is DataImport++ where you can perform an operation known as "Upsert" records - something not usually supported out of the box in Dynamics 365 Data Import.

When installing DataImport++ plugin to XRMToolBox, you may get it working on some computers. On certain other computer systems, you may be prevented from launching DataImport++, and you may get an error like CLSID {0002450 0-0000-0000-C000-000000000046} 80040154 Class not registered HRESULT or something along those lines. This stops you from being able to use DataImport++ on those computers.

Why does DataImport++ work on some computers, but crashes with his error on launch for other computers? What's the underlying issue here, and how can you get XrmToolBox DataImport++ (or any other plugin that throws a similar error) to work correctly and reliably on systems where you encounter this error message?

While some may think turning on the Windows Identity Foundation 3.5 feature could be a potential solution, this is probably not going to help you solve this problem. In our experience, turning on the Windows Identity Foundation 3.5 feature will not solve this specific problem. That Windows feature also may not be required to be turned on in newer versions of XRMToolBox.

You should definitely try turning Windows Identity Foundation 3.5 on if XRMToolBox itself won't start up and tells you to specifically to turn it on (but this may be a sign you need to ideally upgrade XRMToolBox instead). Otherwise, you may want to just leave the Windows Identity Foundation feature alone, because the underlying cause of the problem is more than the Windows Identity Foundation 3.5 feature being turned off.

There is a very specific set of solutions to this particular problem. We know the simple solutions to this problem and can help you solve this problem too.

This is a known issue we have actually run into, we have solved this specific issue before, and we have some simple solutions we can give you right now so you can solve this problem too. Please use this link to contact us, and if the contact message is pre-filled out for you, please keep the contact message prepopulated as-is and just fill out the rest of the contact form, and we will get back to you with the details on how to get started receiving these simple solutions to this issue.

For the contact mesage above, if something is prepopulated, it may be appropriate to add more details (optional) such as for example, if your class error is slightly different from the above such as the error number (Class GUID) being different, if you got the error on an XrmToolBox plugin other than DataImport++, or any additional pertinent details (please add any such details somewhere after the already prepopulated contact message for best results and best response from us). If for any reason the contact message was not auto prepopulated after using the link above, please enter "Need solution to error of GUID class not registered XRMToolBox" as the contact message, any other pertinent details, and submit the contact form. We look forward to helping you.

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