This LinkedIn Tool Could Boost Your Sales

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a premium app designed for digital marketers building relationships 24/7. Its advanced search engine helps identify prospects by looking for leads or accounts—filtering search results based on geography, industry, company size, role, seniority level, and more.

Advanced capabilities like the Team version connects CRM applications and coordinates sales activity.

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Understand Your Customers and Strengthen Relationships Remotely

Successful businesses enable their salesforce to function as trusted advisors by providing intelligent, accurate insights into what the customer wants and needs. Want to learn how to personalize sales and inspire trust—even while working remotely? You can improve customer engagement and develop strong customer relationships with modern tooling like LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Dynamics 365 Sales.

Sign up to learn more about how to effectively engage with digital selling.

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Kent Water Sports Pivots During COVID-19 with Dynamics 365

Kent Water Sports, a leader in equipment manufacturing for outdoor water and snow sport activities, was able to thrive during the pandemic—thanks to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce and Microsoft Power BI.

As people spent more time outdoors during COVID-19, Kent Water Sports experienced a huge spike in product demand for its outdoor water and snow activities equipment. Improving its e-commerce experience was essential to keep up with orders.

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Maersk safely transports goods around the globe with Azure and IoT

Using @MicrosoftAzure and IoT, #Maersk uses remote container management to track and monitor 380,000 refrigerated containers around the planet. By leveraging the cloud, they are able to ensure that customers always know where their shipments are and goods arrive in perfect shape. Learn more in this video:

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Putting your customer at the center of supply chain

In today’s hyper-connected world, manufacturers are encountering new levels of complexity, and research finds that 99% of OEMs agree that digital transformation of their supply chain is important to meeting their organizations’ strategic objectives. Learn how improved technology can put your customer first with this report from #theEIU:

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Deliver intelligent supply chain with Microsoft

During daily busy hours and the holiday rush, it can be difficult to keep up. #Microsoft can enable intelligent retail experiences that help you exceed customer expectations and keep business humming without interruptions. Learn how in this short video.

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How to fortify your supply chain in an era of escalating disruption

To keep up with the modern era of escalating disruptions, companies will need to prepare both long-term and short-term strategies to protect their supply chains and keep business running smoothly. Read this #Forbes article to learn about three approaches to effectively fortify your supply chain.

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Dr. Martens “Joins the Revolution” with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Since 1947, #DocMartens has been bringing iconic footwear to the world. Now, with #Microsoft #Dynamics365 they’re bringing their signature style to customers faster, with a streamlined e-commerce process. See the story here:

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Improve decision making with data and replace manual business processes

Improve decision making with data to adapt to disruptions successfully. Contact Dynamics Edge to learn more about @Microsoft’s intelligent supply chain.

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How Microsoft and American Express help merchants battle fraud

All too often, fraudulent activity triggers false positives with financial institutions (such as discovering a blocked transaction while spending time in a foreign country). Read this article and learn how #Microsoft partnered with @AmericanExpress to improve the accuracy of fraud protection.

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