BRK1037 - Let’s build a knowledgeable chatbot with Microsoft Bot Framework, Azure Bot Services, and QnA Maker

Speaker : Matthew Wade; AtBot & jumpto365
Terms like artificial intelligence, chatbots, and machine learning are hot topics in today’s tech world. Drop by to get under-the-covers with everyday uses of AI and hear examples of practical applications of using chatbots to make your colleagues’ and customers’ days easier and more productive. From automating tasks to being a central source of knowledge, it’s not that difficult to cash in on this new tech to improve process, knowledge management, productivity, and customer engagement. Session topics include Azure Cognitive Services supporting language understanding in LUIS, knowledge sharing in QnA Maker, process automation in Microsoft Flow, and more.

202 S.E. Church Street, Suite 203 Leesburg, VA 20175
202 Church Street S.E. , Suite 203 Leesburg, VA 20175
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