UNC1028 SharePoint learning portal owners

UNC1028 Idea swap: Using Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways to improve user adoption. The Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways site is a new way to build engaging learning content to improve user adoption. Come along to this idea swap session, prepared to share, show and tell, and be inspired by others exploring the possibilities. In the first […]

UNC1019 Microsoft Teams Yammer SharePoint Exchange

UNC1019 One value: Breaking silos of knowledge and communications. Since we have been working together on challenges, we have had to transport and communicate knowledge. We create silos and we break them. In this unconference, together we talk about knowledge management and how we can combine Microsoft Teams, Yammer, SharePoint, and Exchange together to break […]

BRK1043 Making the most of out-of-box approvals in SharePoint Online

BRK1043 Making the most of out-of-box approvals in SharePoint Online. Do your actual SharePoint power users create approval processes for documents or forms? The approvals action in Microsoft Flow is an extremely useful and versatile action for these scenarios. The requirements of your workflows may range from simple to complex, and they all vary when […]

Microsoft SATV Form: Software Assurance Training Vouchers Form

Have you ever wondered how to check if a Microsoft course accepts SATV (Software Assurance Training Vouchers) or not? You need to know this in order to redeem your Microsoft training vouchers! At the official Microsoft SATV voucher catalog you may check if the course accepts SATV vouchers. Training for End Users, Developers, IT professionals, and […]