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Price: $2995   Duration: 5 days
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Course 20300

Price: $2995, Length: 5 days

AZ-203: Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure

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Azure Developer Badge Exam AZ-203 Microsoft Azure Role Based Certification Training Azure Developer Certification Training

IMPORTANT: Dynamics Edge Course 20300 is not the most recent version of this course, and the newest version of this course is Dynamics Edge Course 203203 (AZ-203) Azure Solutions Developer Training Bootcamp. Therefore, we recommend you check out our newest version of this course: Please click, tap on, or use this link to view course 203203 or AZ-203: Azure Solutions Developer Training Bootcamp for more details.

This 5-day Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure training contains 6 courses with total of 23 topics. It is also designed for you to prepare for Exam AZ-203.

Course Outline

  • Module 1: Implement solutions that use virtual machines
  • Module 2: Implement batch jobs by using Azure Batch Services
  • Module 3: Create containerized solutions
  • Module 4 Create App Service web apps
  • Module 5: Creating Azure App Service mobile apps
  • Module 6: Create Azure App Service API apps
  • Module 7: Implement Azure Functions
  • Module 8: Develop solutions that use Azure Table storage
  • Module 9: Develop solutions that use Azure Cosmos DB storage
  • Module 10: Develop solutions that use a relational database
  • Module 11: Develop solutions that use Microsoft Azure Blob storage
  • Module 12: Implement authentication
  • Module 13: Implement access control
  • Module 14: Implement secure data solutions
  • Module 15: Introduction to Azure Monitor
  • Module 16: Develop code to support scalability of apps and services
  • Module 17: Instrument solutions to support monitoring and logging
  • Module 18: Integrate caching and content delivery within solutions
  • Module 19: Develop an App Service Logic App
  • Module 20: Integrate Azure Search within solutions
  • Module 21: API Management
  • Module 22: Develop event-based solutions
  • Module 23: Develop message-based solutions

We look forward to your great success!

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20300AZ-203: Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure