Azure Training October 2020 to change Azure Service Administrator

This article first written on 9-27-2020.

Here is a FREE Azure training article guide on how to change the Azure Service Account Administrator using the classic Azure Account Center

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Changing the Service Administrator for the Azure account.

It can be very difficult to remember the specific URL of the classic interface in Azure where you can still change the true Service Administrator. It may be useful to know how to change the Azure Service Administrator email address on a particular Azure Subscription.

Why do you want to change the Azure Service Administrator email address on a particular Azure Subscription?
Well, this can be useful especially for the following kind of steps related to migrating resources supported by Azure for migration, from one Subscription to another, even across different Azure Tenants, in an easy way using the Azure Portal:

So let's suppose the above steps work. You are responsible for verifying on test/non-production accounts and tenants to see if the above steps really work or not.

So the missing link in the above steps is this:
How in the world do you change the "true" Azure Service Administrator on an Azure Subscription?

Here's the key:

First, navigate to

account dot azure dot com slash subscriptions azure training service admin dynamics edge

Then, click on "Edit Subscription Details"

Azure Training October 2020 Edit Subscription Details

Then, fill out the new service admin email address in the popup, and submit.

Azure Account Center Change Azure Service Administrator Training October 2020

And that's how you do it!

By the way, the screenshots above were taken on 9-27-2020.

Some notes:

It's not - that redirects you to - it's actually
It's not just by itself - that also redirects you to - it's supposed to be to access that super-specific place where you change the true Azure Service Administrator on an Azure Subscription.

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