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The authorized Azure training you'll receive at Dynamics Edge, a Microsoft Gold Learning Partner, can help you prepare for official Microsoft certification in Azure and cloud computing. As local, regional and international businesses increasingly transition to the cloud, the demand for skilled and certified professionals in the field of Cloud Computing is increasing very much. Microsoft has new, streamlined MCSA, MCSE and MCSD certifications and training that are aligned to areas of competence recognized in the cloud computing industry. Azure is now part of the new Cloud Platform & Infrastructure track for Microsoft Learning.

MCSA: Cloud Platform & Infrastructure

MCSA: Cloud Platform & Infrastructure Azure Badge

Use this link to access detailed preparation for the MCSA: Cloud Platform & Infrastructure badge

Use the link above to access detailed information about the specific Azure training and preparation that leads to achieving the MCSA: Cloud Platform & Infrastructure badge. The new Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) badge and certification for Cloud Platform & Infrastructure is focused on the ability and competency to design and build technology solutions in the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Microsoft Azure is part of the Cloud Platform track and you can now earn the official Microsoft badge, which is the MCSA: Cloud Platform & Infrastructure. Dynamics Edge can help you prepare for this certification and is authorized to provide you training for this MCSA certification and badge. This MCSA certification demonstrates your expertise in Microsoft cloud-related technologies in order to reduce and minimize Information Technology costs as well as deliver more value for the modern business and enterprise world. When you earn the MCSA: Cloud Platform & Infrastructure certification you are providing the foundation for a career in or position as a cloud architect or cloud administrator.

After you have earned the MCSA Cloud Platform & Infrastructure, you can upgrade your certification to the higher level MCSE (Microsoft Certified Solutions Engineer) certification. The new MCSE Azure certification does not have to be recertified. Alternatively, the achievement date demonstrates how often you keep up with updates and changes to Microsoft technologies such as Azure. Each year you have many opportunities to re-earn the certification if you want to update the date that appears on your transcript of when you earned the certification.

MCSE: Cloud Platform & Infrastructure

MCSE: Cloud Platform & Infrastructure Azure Badge

Use this link to access detailed preparation for the MCSE: Cloud Platform & Infrastructure badge

The Azure MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure certification validates that you have the skills and competency required to run a very modern and efficient data center using the Azure cloud platform.Skills validated by the MCSE include:

  • networking
  • virtualization
  • systems management
  • identity management
  • cloud technologies

Earning the MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure certification qualifies you for potential careers and jobs as:

  • information security analyst
  • cloud administrator
  • computer support specialist
  • cloud architect

Benefits of Azure

Be More Productive with Azure

Azure Productivity Training and Certification

Microsoft Azure has over 100 services that have very good end-to-end tools.

Azure Is Hybrid Cloud Friendly

Azure Hybrid Cloud Training and Certification

With Azure you can develop and deploy wherever you want, because Azure has the only truly consistent hybrid cloud on the cloud computing market. You can also extend Azure on-premises using the Azure Stack to enable your hybrid cloud productivity.

Azure is Intelligent

Azure Artificial Intelligence Training and Certification

You can build intelligent applications using very powerful data and artificial intelligence services with Microsoft Azure.

Azure is Trusted

Azure Security Training and Certification

Would you like to join governments, startups, and more than 89% of the top Fortune 500 business enterprises that are running on the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform? If so, then Azure may be for you!

Open Enrollment Azure Training Courses

552242Operationalize Cloud Analytics Solutions with Microsoft AzureMultiple DatesMultiple Locations2 days
552241Microsoft Azure Big Data Analytics SolutionsMultiple DatesMultiple Locations2 days
40520Microsoft Cloud Workshop: SAP on AzureMultiple DatesMultiple Locations1 day
40516Microsoft Cloud Workshop: Intelligent AnalyticsMultiple DatesMultiple Locations1 day
40510Microsoft Cloud Workshop: SQL Server Hybrid CloudMultiple DatesMultiple Locations0 days
40509Microsoft Cloud Workshop: OSS DevOpsMultiple DatesMultiple Locations1 day
40508Microsoft Cloud Workshop: Modern Cloud AppsMultiple DatesMultiple Locations1 day
40506Microsoft Cloud Workshop: Lift and Shift/Azure Resource ManagerMultiple DatesMultiple Locations1 day
40505Microsoft Cloud Workshop: Internet of ThingsMultiple DatesMultiple Locations1 day
40504Microsoft Cloud Workshop: Intelligent Vending MachinesMultiple DatesMultiple Locations1 day
40503Microsoft Cloud Workshop: Enterprise Ready CloudMultiple DatesMultiple Locations1 day
40457MOC Workshop: Azure Developer HackathonMultiple DatesMultiple Locations2 days
40442MOC Workshop: Architecting Microsoft Azure SolutionsMultiple DatesMultiple Locations3 days
40441Designing and Implementing Cloud Data Platform SolutionsMultiple DatesMultiple Locations3 days
10993Integrating On-Premises Identity Infrastructure with Microsoft AzureMultiple DatesMultiple Locations2 days
10992Integrating On-Premises Core Infrastructure with Microsoft AzureMultiple DatesMultiple Locations3 days
20533Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure SolutionsMultiple DatesMultiple Locations5 days
20532Developing Microsoft Azure SolutionsMultiple DatesMultiple Locations4 days
10979Microsoft Azure FundamentalsMultiple DatesMultiple Locations2 days

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Azure Use Cases

Here are just some of the ways Azure can be applied to real world solutions.

Sharepoint and Azure Integration with SQL AlwaysOn

Save your computing resources! Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Services enables you to create a high-availability Internet-facing Sharepoint farm in the cloud using Azure virtual machines. SQL Server AlwaysOn manages the Sharepoint databases for you automatically!

Azure SharePoint Integration Training

Want to know more about how to set up a SharePoint farm with Azure and SQL AlwaysOn?

Contact Us Using This Link and we might be able to get your SharePoint and Azure integration set up!

API Management with Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure API Management makes it very easy for organizations and enterprises to publish APIs to employees, partners and third-party developers in a scalable and secure way. Azure offers a very robust API program, which opens new channels to new customers. This also enables an organization to monetize its core products and services, transform its products and services into platforms, and additionally, to create new channels for content distribution.

Azure API Management Training

Azure API Management offers many options for DevOps, custom programming and development, high availability, scalability and more.

Questions about Azure API Management? Contact Us Using This Link

Azure Gamification and Gaming Applications

Are you trying to integrate your game that is targeted for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, PC, or another gaming platform with the cloud? Good news: Windows Azure has the integrations and tools for you. use Azure Gaming Services to design and build leaderbords and community sites. Allow users to sign in with Google, Twitter, Facebook, or Microsoft accounts with Azure integrations. Build apps from scratch or host a game you have already made.

Azure Gamification and Gaming Training

Want to know more about how Azure can ease your game integration with the cloud? Contact Us Using This Link!

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