Choose Dynamics Edge for Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect Training for Technologies and Design, because we are the official Microsoft Partner you can trust for Azure Architect Training Courses!

There were three main stages for you to acquire the Azure Solution Architect Certification. These were the three stages: infrastructure, developer, and architecture tracks. For instance, MOC 20532: Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions was the stepping stone to becoming an Azure Solutions Architect.

You should now also know about the newer Azure Solution Architect Training Courses. - specifically, the ones for Design and Technologies.

Microsoft Azure Architect Training for Solution Architects Dynamics Edge Technology Design

Choose Dynamics Edge for Custom Microsoft Azure Architect Training tailored specifically for Solution Architects. These new tracks are available in Technology and Design for the newest Azure Architect Certification Training Courses.

New Azure Architect Technologies Training Courses for Solution Architects:

New Azure Architect Design Training Courses for Solution Architects:


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