This free Azure IoT Hub Training Guide / free Azure for Manufacturing Training Guide gives you a high level overview of the manufacturing processes inherent in Azure digital twin strategies. It is also a high level intro that corresponds to Azure IoT Hub Notifications Training. To request more info or a custom training, or to request Azure consulting or support options, use this link and fill out the form to request more info on custom Licensing, Training, Support, Consulting and more for Azure IoT Hub / Digital Twin / Azure for Manufacturing Training

One concept to know about Azure device twins is that they are JSON documents that store a variety of device state information including configurations, conditions and metadata. You can deliver digital excellence throughout your enterprise with Azure for Manufacturing, coupled with a great Process Digital Twin strategy set.

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An Azure device twin is a new JSON document that includes the following:

Digital transformation through custom Azure Digital twin Training with Dynamics Edge empowers you to understand and utilize Azure IoT Hub module twins. Within Azure IoT Hub, you could be able to create up to twenty distinct module identities. You should know that each of these module identities is associated with an implied a module twin in Azure. Module twins, which are very similar to device twins, are JSON documents as described earlier in this article. Azure IoT Hub does maintain a module twin for each individual module that you associate with Azure IoT Hub, and the IoT Hub device SDKs (Software Development Kits) empower you to build new modules which in turn opens a brand new independent connection to the Azure IoT Hub. Module twin and module identity both provide similar capabilities and functionalities as the device twin and device identity although the granularity might be finer.

The just mentioned "finer granularity" empowers you to utilize capable devices, such as for instance a variety of firmware devices or operating system based devices that are managing a variety of multiple components. This can be done in order to isolate conditions and configuration for each of those individual components in Azure IoT. The key is, the module twins as well as module identity provide a separation of management concerns when you are working with all these IoT devices that have modular and specific software components in Azure IoT and Azure for Manufacturing.

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