Additional Services and Software - Additional D365 Licensing June 2019 Dynamics Edge.

Microsoft offers much additional services and software that work in tandem with Dynamics 365. These services are included with the full user as indicated below. There is no need to license these additional services and software.
Microsoft Power Platform - Dynamics 365 applications are well built on the Microsoft Power platform, a high-productivity platform that includes the ability for customers to integrate products:

• Microsoft PowerApps: Extend and customize applications for you.
• Microsoft Flow: Automate your business processes and workflow
• Microsoft Power BI: Deliver key business intelligence
Select Dynamics 365 Applications* can also be customized by using PowerApps and Flow capabilities. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enterprise Applications+ and Enterprise Plans also include PowerApps Plan 2, offering more advanced customizations as well as the ability to create and run standalone custom applications.
Please inquire to Dynamics Edge for more details on PowerApps and Flow.

Dynamics 365 Portals Licensing is for the great add-on to manage websites directly from Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement. - please ask Dynamics Edge for more details on D365 Portals Licensing Consulting and Training.

Dynamics 365 Unified Service Desk Licensing for Microsoft Dynamics 365 (USD) consolidates numerous communication channels (such as phone, chat, email, and social media) and relevant services into a single interface to enable greater efficiency and productivity.
USD is not available as a standalone license. USD software is installed and run locally on the user’s device. The use rights expire upon expiration of the qualifying User SL subscription term or Software Assurance subscription.
Interactive Service Hub provides a modern and intuitive end user experience for Customer Service and knowledge management roles through an online user experience (UX) design. It unifies customer interactions and pulls together all related information, enabling customers to be productive and view what’s most relevant. The interactive service hub includes a multi-stream dashboard where users can view and act on their workload across multiple data streams as well as a single-stream dashboard where users are provided an aggregate view of the workloads.
Dynamics 365 Voice of the Customer Licensing for Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides general sentiment, contextual feedback, and transactional understanding based on insight captured through feedback and surveys. D365 VOC Licensing or D365 Voice of Customer Licensing is key here. Customer feedback is captured and leveraged to shape engagements with easy to use, mobile and touch-enabled tools. Feedback is analyzed as part of a single customer record, enabling a direct response to a specific Dynamics 365 Licensing customer concern, or as a group, so that organizations can better understand their market and programmatically respond to customer needs.

Voice of Customer capabilities are limited to a maximum of 200 concurrent surveys that can be published. Additional limitations can be found here.
Dynamics 365 Mobile Offline capabilities enable offline entities, provides autoreply for offline actions, a strong security model and offline views and offline search.
The Dynamics 365 Gamification Licensing is for the service which allows customers to incentivize their workers, staff and employees by turning work into play via individual and team contests, as well as engaging the broader organization by enabling them to build fantasy team competitions.

Microsoft Power BI in Dynamics 365 - Dynamics 365 Unified Operations Plan and Dynamics 365 Plan users are not provided with any standalone or general-purpose Power BI license or use rights. Customers who require Power BI Pro will need to license and pay for it separately.
The Dynamics 365 Unified Operations applications themselves may embed Power BI content within the service User Interfaces. This is simply a product feature and no Power BI licensing is required to access this content (e.g. view embedded tables and charts). Please consult the Dynamics 365 roadmap (ask Dynamics Edge for a copy of this) for more information on this feature.

Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Plan and Customer Engagement Plan application subscriptions include an option to embed Power BI content as a product feature but require users to subscribe to Power BI (free user or Power BI Pro depending on content) separately to configure access to this content. More details may be available from Dynamics Edge if you inquire to us.

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