About This Course

Dynamics 365 is a multi-faceted tool for customer engagement, unified
operations, marketing, retail and talent management. This course will
familiarize the learner with Dynamics 365 functionality and business value.
The course will cover Dynamics 365 applications, the Power Platform, cloud
concepts, the security model, and licensing considerations.


A basic understanding of IT principles and an interest in Dynamics 365.

At Course Completion

Upon completion of the Dynamics 365 fundamentals course, students will be
able to:

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to Business Applications
In this module, all Business Application modules and
functionalities will be introduced, focusing on
Customer Engagement, Unified Operations, the Power
Platform, and their corresponding business
Module 2: Cloud concepts
In this module, we discuss high-level cloud concepts
and introduce Microsoft’s cloud offering, Azure,
examining its relationship with Dynamics 365.
Module 3: Managing deployments and releases
In this module, we cover important implementation
considerations, including types of deployments, release
cadences, and security model design.
Module 4: Licensing, onboarding and support
This module empowers the learner to get started with
Dynamics 365 by exploring licensing options and finding
implementation support.
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